NATIVE week No. 48


O M G .... yum. Oh, for those who've been asking on IG stories, I've reintroduced nightshades, sprouted nuts, seeds, and eggs back into my auto-immune protocol.  

The beautiful Emily of Bodha Modern Wellness introduced me to THIS groovy book on sun signs. Can't wait to dig in. 

NEEEEEEEED. On my list.

I'm so four years ago and back on the chia-pudding-as-my-favorite-daily-snack wagon. 

Next P.S. trip, I'm visiting Sunnylands.

I'm not going to lie you guys. This is still some of the most sage advice that helped me raise myself. 

To catch the ash with

Because I've been burning these all week. 

If you're looking for an LA summer spot.

I've been leaning into summer with this lip

For organizing.  

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips