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Let’s just start this out honest! I have the WORST relationship with PJs (and undergarments). Meaning that I can never find anything that is appealing for my body and energy. Lingerie, forget about it. I’m far too masculine to feel feminine in it. I end up feeling like a lizard in lingerie instead. Then take the traditional top and bottom button up number and I feel far to masculine in it to be comfortable. Frumpy might be a better adjective. I have a drawer full of “old” tee shirts and what night, which comprise my nighttime cozy style. And I always feel equally as unflattering in those.

So, the moment I saw the launch of Sloan carousel up my Instagram feed, it felt like love at first sight. Or a solution to all of my nighttime awkwardness. And it will strike no surprise that ever since I received my Cider Chuck Nightshirt in the mail, I’ve been living in it. It already has an olive oil stain from wearing it to lunch – a token of true love. And it’s cozily packed in my suitcase to serve as a dress, bathing suit cover, and nightshirt during my summer travels. Let’s get the scoop straight from the designer Ali Hoffman.


I'm a Scorpio.... I know... 


Before sloan I was the Los Angeles editor at Refinery29. And before that, I was the web editor at NYLON in New York. 


Starting sloan was a big, but necessary, change of pace for me. After writing for the internet for so long, I really wanted to step away and create something I could touch. I noticed a gap in the market for comfortable, well-made pieces that weren't intended for exercise - but, instead, pieces to live, sleep, and spend a whole weekend in. Pieces you can relax and feel like yourself in.


It's hard for me to pick! I really love them all. Recently, I've been living in my coal Billy Bottoms though. I wear them everywhere. 


The Chuck Nightshirt is perfect for over a bathing suit and paired with a sandal. I wore it to the beach the other day and it felt so cozy to throw it over my suit when it started to get chilly. 

The Billy Top and Billy Bottom paired with sneakers has been my plane uniform on every flight I’ve taken in the last year.

Also, there’s something about the Billy Bottoms paired with stiff jean jacket that really does it for me.


My dog Woody and my fiancé Max... In that order. 


For me, the worst thing to do when I can’t sleep is to stress about the fact that I’m not asleep. Instead, I try to give into the idea that resting (even if you’re not asleep) is still very restorative and to enjoy it.

For sleeping tips…

If my mind is racing at night, I drink a glass of warm water with Natural Calm. The magnesium works miracles.

Never underestimate the power of a hot bath with Epson Salts.

We moved the television out of our bedroom, and I really think it’s made a huge difference in terms of my healthy sleeping habits. That said, I really miss it when I’m home in bed with a cold.

I recently also discovered Ashwagandha and find that it really helps to destress me after a rough day.



I live on the Westside, so for lunch I love Bay Cities, Kyes, Belwood Bakery, Cora’s, Gjusta, and the Brentwood Country Mart. For dinner, my favorites are Forma, Pizzana, Don Antonio’s and Sasabune.

I love Mohawk General Store, Ten Over Six, Rachel Comey, and Sunday flea markets.


The beach! There’s nothing better.

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