NATIVE Week No. 51

to-be-magnetic-Bodha Pink Pillow

And just when you thought they couldn't get any better, Bodha launched a limited edition rose petal filled blush eye pillow to further feed my obsession and collection. P.S. to all the clients that I make do subconscious work, this is what I personally use daily. 

A lot of you reached out to see who I trained in Reiki I & II with. My reiki teacher Lara, just announced her next training in LA

DIY herbal clay mask for summer

Getting into this delicious cookbook

Some New Moon insight. Cancer season.

Some other bright souls shining some elevated light on the "label" conversation

There's a couple on here that I haven't tried and look forward to checking out in July. 

When this heatwave is over and I'm back in LA, this is first on my list to bake (swapped with coconut sugar). 

I've been heavy into alpha waves lately. On repeat. 

Re-listening to this on audio during my travels. 

Could a belly massage make you healthier?

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips