Jet Lag Hell


Many of you are following along with my travels via Instagram stories, and I’m endlessly grateful for the wonderful tips I’ve been receiving along the way. It really makes this experience a communal one.

I’ve suffered from the worst jet lag ever on this particular trip. Is this an age thing? Last summer, NYC -> Italy was one tough day, and then I was in the Euro flow. The first three days here I had about 9 hours of sleep total, averaging three a night, with zero on the red eye flight in hopes to be on Parisian time. Ughhhhhhhh. Cue full maniac mode, zombieland, ultra-sensitivity, a partial cold, and having a deeper sympathy for sleepless moms, as this is the closest I’ve come to understanding them.

So, for all the other international travelers this summer, I wanted to share the (beyond) helpful advice some of you Instagrammers passed onto me. After 7mg of melatonin last night (which I usually stay away from because it's a hormone - and opt for Tryptohan instead, Tryptophan has been laughable during this jet lag journey, Nada effective- a deep night’s rest, and a clear mind today, I could kiss your feet! Thank you. I wanted to keep the knowledge flowing...

@beccalovesart • water, water, water. Drink more water than you can stand, and then drink even more water. It's the only way. 

@larasilja • I heard once that taking a bath- completely submerging your body in water - helps bringing back equilibrium. Or in the ocean/a lake if that's available!

@louisarelia • I travel the long haul every month, and really just melatonin and a lavender bath do it. Also, no blue light. Back to basics.

@Jennifer.klee • you ‘gotta sweat. Works for me.

@wildhillbotanicals • Walk on earth barefoot. Malatonin. Yoga poses: plank, plow, shoulder stand, and go right to bed. Also, try 800mg of Ubiquinol before you fly. Keep a shoeless foot on the metal part of the seat in front of you during the flight (as per Dr. Jack Kruse – super brilliant neurosurgeon and expert on non-native emf’s).

@sarahschuerhoff • ground your bare feet on the lawn or some kind of bare ground while in the sun for an hour.

@roberta.vommaro • vigorous exercise. Yoga postures: Viparita Karani and shoulder stands. Foreword bends with legs straight and leg stretches are also recommended.

@ojtropicana • 10mg of melatonin first night. 5mg the following night.

@walnutsanddateshorary points linked to the organ’s hours – an acupuncture protocol.

@anandameditation • Grounding asana, mudra, meditation. Anything to balance excess vata from traveling. Also, wake up and go to sleep in the time zone you're in asap.

@the_mala_art • Some kundalini tips.

@ronabennett • Drink tart cherry juice before bed

@zellerevan • Smoke a joint and try not to stress on it. Your body will eventually adjust.

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