Virgo Inspired Packing For Summer Travels


I’m doing it. You guys asked to see what I pack. I’m attempting to only take this super savvy, well-designed, compact bag to Europe and NYC. Boy has it helped me get very specific about what I can bring. My inspiration is my friend Ally Walsh, who I showed you guys on Instagram Stories last summer where she managed 10 days in NYC only packing a backpack (and this is normal for her!!). Between her and Max (both Virgos), I’ve been trying to get my packing act together. Now these 12 clothing pieces have to carry me through Paris, London, Portugal and NYC. Here goes! All carry-on. 


EVERYTHING fits in the Catalina!!!! It's so well designed. Cosmetic pouch carries my few grooming and beauty products. Backpack for all on foot and metro exploring. Small Trio for evening and short outings. And cosmetic pouch fits in the backpack for the plane. I'm getting the hang of this.


Two pants, 1 romper that looks good over any shirt, 1 dress up or dress down jumpsuit, my three favorite tops that look great with both pants and romper, one dress, one nightshirt that also doubles as a dress and beach cover, one bathing suit, one short, and my favorite jacket which looks good over everything. 


Two pairs of shoes, and two hair "maintainers". First stop Paris, where I'll pick up another pair of white Bensimone sneakers for most heavy walking days.


I'm going with all travel sizes. Soap Dr. Bronners. Hair John Masters. Face Heart Of Gold. Skin Jiva Apoha and Shea Butter. Crystal deodorant. 1 wooden brush. 1 body brush. Tinted SPF, a cheek, and a highlighter

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