#FREENATIVEweek No. 54

i. Just scored these - off my list and out of thin air. As always, thank you Universe.

ii. The OG best serum for every skin type, complexion, and color. 

iii. Everyone has picked up the first print issue of The Fullest, right?! It's worth it. 

iv. Loving this artist's work

v. I have to say that this Richmond, VA shop is quickly growing into my favorite store. 

vi. WHAT!!!! This book is finally coming out in October. The end all be all. Pre-order here. Thanks @jennazoedaily for the heads up! 

vii. Matcha pistachio bliss recipe

viii. What three stylish women have learned in their 70+ years of life. 

ix. Super curious about trying this vitamin C situation after having read about it here

x. Chloë Sevigny's directorial debut, Kitty

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips