Late Summer


Has anyone else been feeling that very special feeling, inside of their hearts, that glimmers of transition and - not too far off - fall is beginning to send flirtation our way? Maybe it's just me? But I can especially feel it early in the morning around 6a when I open all the blinds, windows, and doors. In those quiet moments, I light an incense and let the energy pass through me with silent intention. This is how I know transition is coming. 

My late-summer will be filled with workshops, travel, podcast interviews and talks. Here are the comforts, treasures and staples I'm inhabiting during this shift in energy. 

i. I picked up this little pink number on a whim after a very, very intense two weeks of work. I felt that I deserved it (and I might have been indulging in a bit of retail therapy). 

ii. The book I'm just tuning into slowly. It's sure to tag along everywhere I go (inside of my purse).

iii. The oil that has legitimately made my face feel like satin. 

iv. The rose-hibiscus hydrosol that moisturizes and balances my pH before the oil. 

v. These have been on my manifestation list since they came out. So it's not a surprise that I live in them. 

vi. The rose filled cloud that I use to cover my eyes when I'm doing the exact same UNBLOCKED homework that you guys are doing. 

vii. The sweater that I wear over all of my jeans and pj's lately. (I had max crop it for me). The rich deep black traditionally dyed indigo color is unbeatable. 

viii. MY FLEA MARKET SCORE last weekend. Where I've been reading said book above. 

ix. Yet another form of retail therapy last week, but like the other chunky hammered square ring I've worn since buying it off a street-vendor in Soho, NYC at 19, this will be a lifetimer. All hail chunky staple pieces. 

x. These have been on my Manifestation list for QUITE sometime. Now I wear them daily. 

xii. I discovered using a washcloth with warm water to gently exfoliate my face and take off my oil cleanser. My face looks perfectly buffed and smooth. Can't believe it's taken me this long to start incorporating the oldest beauty custom since the beginning of time - (a washcloth). 

xiii. I got flagged three times during the seven flights I took in July with my other carryon, so I went out and bought myself an adult-lifetime-suitcase that is GUARANTEED to always be check-on. The warranty made me do it. And that I can have it fixed in any country. 

I'm also V. excited to be doing this breathwork meditation workshop during all these transitory times! 

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