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I am always incredibly honest with you guys, so this intro will be no exception. Earlier this year I experienced two miscarriages (more on that later). One with the little Aquarius I had called in, and second with the little Aries that I had called in. Intuitively I felt like there was more going on than meets the biochemistry of my body since everything has checked out fine and I’m rather versed in fertility.

Knowing that the baby sits in the aura, I felt that Deborah Hanekamp of Mama Medicine was just the person to see during my last trip to NYC – as she is a seeress of auras along with so many other healing modalities including reiki master and initiated Amazonian shaman. And as so many have praised, she is beyond graceful, integrated, and loving.

During our session, she looked right into my aura and saw a little conscious “star being” spirit baby that’s sitting in the feminine energy of my aura whom hasn’t incarnated in a very long time. She’s been traveling in order to collect everything she needs for this lifetime. And she’s attempted to come through a couple of times but quickly realizes that she needs to go grab another thing for this incarnation.

Beyond that, Deborah went on to tell me such beautiful and accurate aspects of my own personal aura that couldn’t have been more true. The medicine she performed after was remarkably peaceful including crystal therapy, crystal bowl frequency, singing, and smudging.

I will say that Deborah gave me one of the greatest gifts of all, a lot of relaxation and patience around when this little spirit decides to come through. More specifically, she gave me the gift of putting my life first again over the dance of pregnancy. I’ve been telling everyone to go visit her! Especially check out workshops in her space in Soho - as it's an incredible reprieve in contrast to the bustle of NYC. I'll be holding a complimentary Manifestation talk there in September!! 




I first discovered seeing auras as a young child.  I see several different colors around people in addition to a base color. It is all moving together in a unique way.


Mostly I just see auras around living things but sometimes inanimate objects that people have put a lot of love or care into I will see an aura around it. For example, the Statue of Liberty and some historical buildings in New York.


They cleanse, bless and protect the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Allowing you to realize your sensitivity is your strength and walk in the light of love.


It is very interesting what we refer to as a shaman nowadays. The most powerful shamanic work and journey is the work that helps you to understand the true shaman healer or guru is the one that lives within you. So, if it is not bringing you more into this understanding then it is just a distraction.


i.                Using a selenite wand to cleanse your aura. For extra measure, you can follow it up with a palo santo stick.

ii.              The more time you spend in nature the stronger your aura becomes.


This one is for activating unity consciousness through our divine feminine energy.


rose quartz crystal

pink rose petals

fresh rosemary

rose absolute essential oil (10 drops)

rosemary essential oil (10 drops)

pink himalayan sea salt (1 cup)


Clear your aura out with a selenite wand.

Step into the bath and dunk your head under the water.

Place your palms on the surface of the water.  

Say or be brave and sing, “ you are brave” into the water.




Creatures of Comfort


Caravan of Dreams


Little Choc Apothecary


Rubin museum

The sunset at the Grand Street Ferry Park in Williamsburg


the Lion King on Broadway


Walk from the east to west side of mid-Central Park

The Class by Taryn Toomey.


The Cloisters

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Beautiful photos by Sidney Bensimon

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