WAIT PATIENTLY • Manifestation Demystified

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One of the spiritual bypass rhetorics in common New Age Manifestation dogma is, “release your desire to The Universe and wait patiently. Patience is the key.”

This gives licensing to continue living in your comfort zone, projecting from the exact state you’ve been projection from, and to not see your Manifestations show up. It’s what caused A LOT of jadedness around Manifestation for me when I was young, in deeply low self-worth - essentially wishing on a star - and experiencing the heartbreak of nothing changing or showing up. If you could see how many times, back then, I “released my intention into The Universe” for an acting job, more money, the relationship that I desired, the relationship to self that I desired...

I even vividly remember on a new moon in 2007 heading to the ocean to write “confidence” into the sand – literally throwing it out onto the earth, and legitimately believing that The Universe was going to magically breath this into me. It didn’t. Why? Because the Universe isn’t a fairy Godmother. We are co-creating together.

When I started to see bizarrely big, undeniably kismet intentions realize in my life, it had very little to do with patience, and everything to do with Expanding my beliefs and doing The Work to grow my self worth!

Manifestation isn’t complicated. At all. We are the complicated ones.

We weren’t when we entered the planet, but then life complicated us through pain, shame, and not-good-enoughs. Even tiny ones set the tone for what you're projecting and receiving. 

The truth to this slogan should read, “release your desire into The Universe, then Expand your beliefs, take accountability, do the work on your limiting beliefs that are blocking this desire, then make sure to pass any tests that come your way testing if you’re willing to settle for less than you deserve.” I WISH somebody would have told me this from 17-25.

The Universe’s sole intention – as we co-create together – is for us to grow into our whole, powerful, most realized selves, therefore projection from our integrated authentic energy at all times. This is when we align with what we’ve "released" to The Universe.

In UNBLOCKED Inner Child, you’ll be cleaning up and dealing with those pain and shame bits, and the root of where they stem from. In the November MAGNETISM workshop you’ll be reclaiming and reprogramming in order to project from a continual state of authentic magnetism.  

if you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session

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