#NATIVEweek No. 63

So many are in need of our help from recent natural disasters, here are a few of the places that I donated to this week. 

Getting very excited for this workshop on using intuition in my skincare routine!!! See you there. 

Can a breakup make you sick

Just picked up this alpaca EVERYTHING coat/hood for all of fall and winter! (in LA it will serve as a winter jacket). 

And just a small online shopping tip! I always check my favorite stores in Portland before buying anywhere else as they don't have sales tax. A few to take a gander at are: Frances May, Association, Field Trip, Una, Spartan

The science of energy medicine. 

I HAVE to post this book again as it's what I listened to on the plane over here; and as I walked through the streets of NYC. It will benefit every partner, person, and parent. She's in complete alignment with all of my beliefs and what I teach in way of Manifestation. About to listen for the second time. 

I'm very quickly falling in love with this herb, and have added it to my daily tea infusion. 

Can we just take a minute to dangle these throughout the holidays while sipping champagne (kombucha for me)? Yes please! At some point within the last three months I got really into loud dangling earrings. 

Carrot salad with feta and anchovies

How honesty could make you happier. (very in alignment with manifestation)

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips