From my acupuncturist to my healers, they’ve all simultaneously told me that I need to slow down, for my body’s sake. Calm the vata, build the chi, rest… it’s all the same. Pull my energy in, create boundaries, and relax. Especially after experiencing my third chemical pregnancy.

So, I’m finally making big changes in my life to do so. My dear friend Ashley Neese has been such a leader and expander in my life in this department, setting the pace, carving space, and really honoring her needs. So, for once in my life I’m beginning the journey to honor ALL of my needs first so that I can stay strong to honor the needs of those that I love and serve those that I love.

A few ways I’m implementing a bit more inward energy, one foot in front of the other.

RETREATS | I’m yet to treat myself to many retreats though it’s been on my manifestation list since the beginning of the year. One that just popped up that vibrated through my entire being is with my healer in New York, Chloe Garcia Ponce. So many of you have emailed regarding wanting to get in with her and experience her deep healing and channeled insight. Chloe was the final straw that told me to pull in my energy. She’s also responsible for many of the shifts in this post today. When she told me about a very intimate and sacred retreat that she’s co-facilitating in Morocco next month, Max and I tried with all of our might to look and see what we could move around in our schedules to attend. Though it wasn’t possible for us this time, I wanted to make sure to share with you so that I can live vicariously through a few of you lucky ones that get to attend. Here is the info.

We’re now set on experiencing her retreat in Mexico in the spring.

 INFUSIONS | you guys know that I drink 3-6 cups of infusions a day as I find that they are far more medicinal and hydrating than the mineral depleted water accessible in LA. The only time I feel nourished and quenched is when I drink infusions or the water from our well on my ranch. It’s also what healed up the skin rashes I used to get a few years ago after noticing they’d go away anytime I was drinking from a well. I was deeply minerally depleted. I’ve really amped up my current ones.

During the day, I’m drinking: equal parts milky oat seeds, nettles, chickweed, and violet. And in the evening, I’m drinking equal parts st. john’s wort, skullcap, oat seeds, and passion flower.  I’m really trying to help support my incredibly fried nervous system, lymph flow, blood cleansing, and alkaling. I only list my herbs to inspire. I highly suggest meeting with your herbalist before creating the blends specific to your needs.

TRANSITION | Many of you have noticed that I’ve shifted the time duration and pricing of my one-on-one sessions. This comes after great demand, which I’m so grateful for. And those of you that have worked with me understand the value, especially as I don’t believe in dependency with my clients therefore we work together every three to six months, when needed, so broken down over that duration of time, the price is far more affordable.  However, I’m offering the code TRANSITION to receive 22% off until the New Year in order to ease into the transition of this economical upgrade.

This is also why I created the affordable UNBLOCKED, so as to support you in staying consistent in your practice of unblocking during the times that we are able to connect. I also offer a scholarship program to those in need. Note that the scholarship program has a year-long waitlist. And equally why I created the MAGNETISM workshop so as to learn my entire practice in order to harness your own practice. I’ve created all of this so that this work can be accessible to everyone, and so that I can serve you wherever you might be. I honor it all, and trust me, I’ve been exactly where you are now (on my personal journey).

RANCH | Sunday I head home to my family’s ranch up north (where my grandfather’s home doesn’t even have wifi). I’m going to do something that I’m very uncomfortable with, nothing. Light UNBLOCKED work, but truly rest. Support the locals by getting massages, adjustments, yoga, and the queen healer - nature. Get back into rhythm.  

In alignment with inward and cozy, here are a few things that have inspired me lately (from my community):

This incredible record that I spotted on Lauren Spencer King's IG stories, and bought for Max's new record player.  

The important podcast episode that everyone needs to listen to regarding depression, addiction, and mental disorders. I couldn't be more in agreement with every word she said. 

This cozy sweater I've been living in during the cooler evenings and mornings. 

The OG rosewater we all know and love. I've been using it all over my body to stay fresh when feeling depleted. Also to pH balance after cleansing. I was reminded of this old staple at Skin Food Talk's workshop last Monday. 

Also, hello Thanksgiving dress

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips