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Today’s tip is going to be rather short, and VERY IMPORTANT. Also, we’ve had a lot of emails roll in with questions, so I wanted to link the articles below that are worth refreshing as they are answers to the most asked questions.

Why has most new age manifestation material failed you and I? Very simply, because it only provides surface level and superstitious tools that focus on the conscious mind, rather than accessing the true blocks which live in the subconscious or unconscious mind.

This is why when you read books (intellectualize in the conscious state), or try spiritual bypass tools such as, “think positive”, “do something that makes you happy”, “act as if you already have the thing” (feel free to keep filling in the quotations), you don’t see anything materialize in your life. Intellectualizing and dealing in the conscious state doesn’t even scratch the surface of the subconscious or unconscious programming of which you project from (and are still playing out from your early life) - otherwise known as your beliefs.

Beliefs are what we project and therefore manifest. To gain true awareness of your patterns and beliefs, you must work on a subconscious level. Furthermore, common pop manifestation has also failed us because nowhere does it teach us to expand the programmed beliefs that we inherited. If just these two areas were harnessed and mastered in one’s life, they’d become 80% better manifestors naturally, for they’d automatically be projecting from a magnetic and expanded subconscious state.

You are not cursed, you are not broken, you are not the exception to this. You are capable of being an incredible manifestor. Everyone is. It just takes awareness, accountability, expansion, and work.

In UNBCLOCKED reparent, you’ll be cleaning up and dealing with those subconscious pain and shame bits, and the root of where they stem from. In the November MAGNETISM workshop you’ll be learning how to access the subconscious mind, reclaiming, and reprogramming in order to project from a continual state of authentic magnetism.  

if you're in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of manifestation, I look forward to connecting over a session


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