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One of the greatest markers of September in LA are the drying blooms from succulents and gardens. They are amber, tan, and brown – creating the perfect flirtation of fall. I LOVE nothing more than to fill my house with dried bouquets throughout September and October. Then I’ll stick them in jars and vases all throughout the house, and suddenly I feel completely immersed in my FAVORITE fall movie, Practical Magic. Here are the easiest ways to create a dried arrangement.


Forage anything seasonal / local

Or head to your local flower mart

Choose flowers almost in full bloom

Look for flowers that have long straight and strong stems

Gather the flowers together into a bunch

Tie the bunch together and hang them upside down in a dark spot

With this heat, it shouldn’t take anytime at all

Once the petals feel crisp to the touch, they are ready



Or if you are lazy like me, arrange a bouquet

Cut off any extra green foliage and leaves

Add very limited water to the vase

Allow everything to dry up and enjoy the arrangement for a few weeks

(I hear all of you feng shui followers; however, Indian Summers are the perfect time to honor dead energy while going inward - look at nature. Especially on this dreamy full moon.) 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips