Autonomy in Manifestation • SUPPORTED Vol. 13


Our newest SUPPORTED centers around the idea that manifestation is autonomous. We are each on our own journeys to finding our most authentic selves. We cannot manifest for others, and others cannot manifest for us. Yet there are instances when others’ energies may interfere with our own. Say, if you’re in a relationship, friendships, bosses. We tackle how to navigate these moments and energies to remain on our own autonomous authentic path.

Each SUPPORTED volume is filled with so many wonderful questions from all of you. This volume especially. So we thought we’d share three preview questions instead of one.

Preview Questions

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Questions Answered in Volume 13

Is it possible for someone’s actions, but not the entire relationship, to be a test?

Could childhood abuse still be blocking my magnetism even though I feel like I have worked through it?

Are dates that lack chemistry tests?

Is it possible to reach a point where an aspect of shadow becomes so integrated that it is no longer triggering in our external reality?

A friend did something unethical and when I pointed it out, they ended the friendship. How do I deal with my subconscious feeling that I somehow did something wrong?

It seems that the more self-work I do, the more quickly people fall for me. I often don’t feel the same. How do I deal with this pressure and allow myself to be fully vulnerable?

How does opulence work with shared finances?

I am writing a book my soulmate that I lost to suicide about 10 years ago. Will a new partner be unable to come through until after the book is published?

Can I manifest fame?

Is jealousy an indicator of an expander?

What is the energetic pattern behind manifesting nice things and then having them break?

Does the universe only manifest what you need on your journey?

What does it mean when you attract someone with a traumatic past?

Panic attacks often precede my major manifestations coming through. What does this mean energetically?

How long can the magic dark last?

These video previews below of Vol. 13 give you a good idea of how useful your Qs are for everyone else in the same or similar situation. Enjoy and keep your Qs coming! I love this community and how much you are really showing up for yourselves through these offerings.

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If you are having trouble identifying their physical blocks and setting boundaries • No

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Where are you letting others block your magnetism?