Curating Your Subconscious Mind • SUPPORTED Vol. 14


Our newest SUPPORTED discusses how to curate and edit your subconscious mind through what media we consume, situations we put ourselves through, reprogramming and much more. Each SUPPORTED volume is filled with so many wonderful questions from all of you. This volume especially. So we thought we’d share three preview questions instead of one.

Preview Question

Should I consciously avoid negative influences while I'm in my expanding phase?

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A Peek at Volume 14

Avoiding negativity during expansion

Triggers losing power

Feeling like a copycat

Clarity of core wants

Blocking money in partnership 

Finding your authentic self as an adult

Feeling uninspired

Letting go of past relationships

Not feeling triggered during Shadow work

Parents’ financial help blocking portals

How to approach the DRE

Choosing limiting behaviors

Closing portals on people in everyday life

Feeling unseen in friendship

How to reconnect with childlike belief

This video preview of Vol. 14 gives you a good idea of how useful your Qs are for everyone else in the same or similar situation. Enjoy and keep your Qs coming! I love this community and how much you are really showing up for yourselves through these offerings.

How to Manifest

How to manifest • How to Manifest

If you are wanting to manifest money & career • Money

If you are manifesting a partner • Love

Everyone needs to reprogram in order to expand limiting beliefs • Inner Child and Shadow

If you are having trouble identifying their physical blocks and setting boundaries • No

For those who want to take their practice deeper and ask questions • SUPPORTED 


How are you curating your subconscious mind?