#NATIVEweek No. 71

i. Has everyone seen this new chic mineral and essential oil deodorant? Hello, easy spray application and travel.

ii. Whoa to this new spot to stay in LA!

iii. @kaciecarter of @Honeyhi says that this book is a must-read (and I have to agree)! He's also my favorite podcast in the entire wellness realm. 

iv. How I've been wearing scarves lately. I've also developed a habit of purchasing quite a few vintage ones

v. Raise of hands if you've been drooling over/ making @me_baird's new #grainfree #glutenfree #sugarfree muffins? Making them this weekend. 

vi. The sweetest new little Australian cafe within walking distance of my house! 

vii. I had been manifesting the grooviest large round sunglasses. Nothing was just right. Months later I found these gems on sale in London! 

viii. Has everyone been following @stevieyaaay's super easy zero waste daily tips for the New Year? 

iv. An incredible ritual from the most powerful healer. You can learn all about her here

v. This has been the story of my entire life. Let it be yours as well. Follow your manifestations

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Manifestation with Lacy Phillips