A Secret Society


At last, we've created a new newsletter that you won't want to move to your junk folder! I hate newsletters to be quite honest. I don't subscribe to many because I find them annoying, so we set out to create something inclusive and unique from what you can find on the blog. Therefore, this week, we will release our new newsletter announcing our new digital secret society! Make sure that you're subscribed

Now here are some things that are inspiring Lila and me lately. 


i. My favorite NYC seeress created a digital monthly medicine so that anyone can access her healings every month. Bath rituals, sound baths, and teachings. It's been so incredibly soothing.

ii. I've completely done away with liquid soap in an effort to go less waste. It's also allowed me to fall back in love with hippy, crunchy bar soap. However, when one comes across this groovy soap, they buy. And it's totally ZERO WASTE! I even travel with it by wrapping it in my Korean spa mitt and placing it in my toiletry bag. 

iii. Living in this (under everything). And it's especially perfect for Kamm pants.  

iv. Listening to this read during New York commuting. 

v. Did you catch my latest podcast interview on Love, Alexi? If not, you'll want to. We covered all the things: the mistakes women make when calling in a partner, dropping acid at a Ram Dass retreat, aging gracefully through expanders, and three hours worth of manifestation tips. A must listen. ALSO!! Alexi was the expander that inspired me to start my very first blog when I was 24!! 


i. My new favorite skincare necessity: Thayers' Natural Remedies Witch Hazel Rose Petal Toner. Makes my skin feel silky smooth and seriously clean.

ii. Women Code: Lacy actually lent me this book and I haven't been able to put it down! I'm learning all about how important balancing your hormones via managing stress and maintaining stable blood sugar is for my whole body. Great read for any woman. 

iii. Computer glasses: A birthday gift, and very much needed. These specially designed glasses filter the blue light emitted from our computer (and phone!) screens, protecting our eyes from damage. And added bonus: can help to improve sleep.

iv.  This walnut butter, cashew butter and coconut butter.  Artisana makes the creamiest, dreamiest butters. I've been integrating more and more healthy fats into my meals and swirling any of the above mentioned into my morning oats, smoothies makes them that much more delicious.

v. I've begun practicing 3 things everyday that raise my self-worth and give me a moment (or 3 moments) of peace despite an often hectic schedule. The only rule is you can skip one day, but never two in a row. My 3 things: see the ocean, make time for conscious movement (a walk, a run, yoga) and write at least a sentence in my journal. 

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips