Scotland Round Up

I felt Scotland siren, my soul, otherwise known as a "ping", mid-last year. It kept getting louder and louder. I'm so glad that I followed it. I received a lot of downloads there. Many of you have asked on IG stories that I share a roundup of Scotland through my eyes. 

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To say that I fell in love with Scotland is a huge understatement. The truth is, my soul and heart have never felt more connected to one land before. Looking out at the Lochs under a full moon in a 19th-century country estate gave me the feeling of, 'I've been here before' (in another life). My heart has never felt so open and my nervous system has never felt so at ease. To the point where I found myself looking up real estate in the highlands. I proclaimed to Max, "can we spend every Christmas and New Years here?"

This country is so beautiful with colors in the winter that match their signature tweed. Castles, old fables, and Gaelic tales will enchant your heart and the people will touch your soul - with sheep grazing in every corner. 

Though there is much we saw and did, here's a roundup of my Sottish favorites.

i. Truthfully, there wasn't a day that went by that I didn't have some form of a Scottish Oatcake (cracker) with raw butter on it. UNREAL. 

ii. First stop off the train from London was Edinburgh where Max found us the most enchanting Wes Anderson-esque spot to stay. It's also where I was lucky enough to rest for a day when I came down with the worst stomach flu! Even if you never plan to visit, you must give the hotel and grounds a look online. Every detail was incredible and it was the perfect Scottish welcome (and safe space during illness). Sadly, I didn't get to tour Edinburgh much but I can't say enough about this spot and staff. Watching the snow fall outside of my window was a perfect alternative if one had to be sick. 

iii. Stirling and Callandar were by far my favorite little towns with the sweetest little architecture. Also, Max was very obsessed with the Willam Wallace monument (tourist) in Stirling. The view was quite unbelievable, I must say. All-in-all, the Highlands, and the Lochs stole my heart, so it's where we spent the most amount of time. But of all the towns we road tripped through, these were the cutest (in my opinion). 

iv. ANTIQUES!!!!!! Most of you know that I travel in the name of native wool weaves, ceramics, and vintage jewelry/ antiques. This checked all the boxes. I walked away with a Victorian sapphire ring, mid-century earrings, a victorian cashmere throw, a Victorian fringe guest towel and a full set of mother of pearl french knives and butter knives (all for an excellent price). I was high for hours. A must visit. And these antique malls seem to be all throughout Scotland.  

v. The most romantic spot we stayed for three nights over the NYE holiday was this spot. It's also where I felt ALL the Scotland feels. The full moon on the Loch, Victorian estate, kinda shabby, a secret garden and the most incredible grounds to get lost in. We heard that they were closing down as a B&B and turning into a full time event space for weddings. So I feel grateful that we caught the tail end. But if you're headed soon, you may too. 

vi. It wouldn't be Scotland if we didn't eat shortbread cookies. Here's the one I'll be making back home. 

vii. The hippest spot on the lochs we stayed with the most INCREDIBLE farm to table restaurant. Scottish food is rather heavy and it was hard for us to find clean food. When we arrived here, it was a, "thank you Universe" moment for sure. They also have a really trendy bar/cafe and store up the road. 

viii. We saw quite a bit of castles; however, this GOT vibe one is the one that I'd write home about. It was quite magical, large, and decently intact. 

ix. If you're lucky enough to tour Scotland in the spring and summer, this is how we wish we could have done it by train; however, it was closed at the time. But it's on my manifestation list for sure! 

x. THE ARAN HAND-KNIT FISHERMAN JUMPER. Potentially half the reason why I went to Scotland. I have a vintage one back home but I couldn't resist getting one a bit more fitted (and cropped) here to keep for ages to come (and to battle the next two months ahead in NYC, Milan and Paris).

xi. Before you go, read this Virgina Wolf book

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