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for the single

Helping clients manifest their partners is sort of my specialty. I had 60 people connect with their partners in the last year, and partnership in my own life is what led me to experiment with my own manifestation process in the first place. Unknowingly at the time, it's what made me understand things such as tests, lessons, and self-worth. 

Therefore, as many have been writing in with partnership questions, I’ve decided to release UNBLOCKED Love this coming February so that you all have access and are able to walk yourselves through the manifestation of it. May it be that you are single, or are currently in a partnership and moving into the transition of calling in your next partner. 

As in all manifestation, Partnership is the direct correlation between your subconsciously worth, belief expansion, and removal of blocks as a foundation - through there are other rules and actions involved, which you will learn in this Unblocked. 

I’ve run into quite a few new clients recently that truly struggling when it comes to dating and manifesting their partners as there is so much literature out there that directs one to play games, act uninterested, and so forth. And though, there is some truth to these notions, they are breeding the wrong message. They are teaching people to be inauthentic and disconnected from themselves.

When I say there is some truth to these notions, it’s because those soliciting this advice are missing the energetics surrounding the magnetism in dating. They are teaching people to be something they are not or tap into their ego rather than the true energetic authenticness, which is tapping into their worth, and not settling for anything else. 

The universe is here to assist everyone back into their authentic wholeness, and it’s prepared to send you every lesson and test you need until you will no longer settle for anything less than what your heart is yearning for, and what your soul deserves. 

EVERYONE is capable of attracting what they want. I don’t care if your shadow tells you that you are single because of whatever societal programming you’ve picked up may it be: old, unattractive, unintelligent, unsexy, heavy, yada...yada, I’ve heard them all. I’ll tell you the same thing I tell every client that hasn’t integrated their shadow around this yet, “I’ve seen x, y, and z that are those things but are in their integrated worth about it, and there are 10 people waiting to come through for those people.” Nobody is broken, nobody is doomed, and everyone is capable of the Partnership they desire. Some take longer manifesting it than others because they have three things that can be slowing them down. 

There are three reasons, in my practice, why people have not attracted their partners yet. 1. They are not expanded 2. They are not in their worth Or passing tests (which is a bit of a special/different process in dating), or 3. They have unresolved childhood blocks that are subconsciously projecting that they don’t want to be hurt, abandoned, repeat parental relationships dynamics, or they have repressed shadow that unconsciously makes them believe they are unworthy of love. 

Another thing worth noting, most often than not in manifestation, love and money are connected. Where one struggles with being in their power with one, they tend to struggle with it in the other, and usually, the same things are blocking both. 

Therefore, during the month that most people dread when single, I very much look forward to teaching you how to take inventory of your blocks, stepping into your worth, and tapping into the energetics of dating and attracting partnership through manifestation on February 14th. 


For Everyone (and littered with Manifestation gems)

I'm so honored to have shared an incredible conversation surrounding Manifestation with one of my FAVORITE publications, The Fullest. In this episode, we get into quite a few gems regarding manifestation! Check out the video below, or pop over to The Fullest for more.   

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