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Welcome back F&N manifestors to another month and another Kismet Creations article, an actionable roadmap for manifesting your dream career. If you’re new, I recommend starting with the first article to help you formulate your manifestation list, afterward move onto discovering your worth and then from there compile a list of your expanders. And if you’ve been with us for the past few months, let’s get started! 

Today, we’re going to take that expanders list a bit further by walking you through (tried and true) tips for allowing our subconscious to expand enough to believe we can too have that job. This is a pillar in manifestation in which I am purely fascinated by - this concept of seeing is believing. As we know, manifestation takes work. There’s a formula to it that requires daily practice sprinkled with a touch of humility and a dash of softness as we slowly break down our ego, shadow and limiting beliefs and start exposing our authentic self. So without further ado, let’s begin. 

Drop The Ego 

Now that we have your expanders list, it’s time to go out and connect with them, take them to coffee, potentially intern or (better yet) work for them. This is the time in the manifestation process where we really get real with ourselves and where we are at leaving our ego at the door. It’s no time to be riding the high horse or expect someone to hand us the job with a golden tray. This is the point in which we drop the ego, show up for ourselves and learn as much as we can from these expanders. This is the seeing is believing part. Why? Oh, because our subconscious has to see that every single aspect of what we want is possible. Need some inspiration? Boy, do I have a story for you!

40 Emails // 25 Coffee Dates // 2 Weeks // 3 Jobs

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When I was transitioning my career path from fashion to wellness, I had to reinvent myself. All the connections that I had made in fashion were not going to be helpful within the wellness industry. Once again, I was at the bottom of the totem pole. I was an outsider, stranger, and newbie. Determined to work for brands that were authentic on their path for providing healing to the world, I set out to get myself into the mix, and quickly. I had just quit my full-time job and had exactly two weeks to figure something out!

I was living in Manhattan at the time (my nervous system just jumped a little writing that from my apartment in West Hollywood) so I had a ton of resources within walking distance of me. It was just a matter of connecting with them. 

Luckily, Instagram is a fantastic tool for finding expanders so I followed all the brands, healers, practitioners, bloggers that I could find within the industry that resonated with my style, aesthetic and beliefs. I also started going to the studios, meditation centers, book signings, events, workshops, retreats, mixers, anything to get in the same room as these people. I even wrote an article on what I considered to be The New Happy Hour

Within two weeks, I sent 40 emails (asking friends of friends to connect me, through direct messages on Instagram, contact pages and emails listed on websites and I even think I went as far as LinkedIn) with a simple message asking to meet me for an informal interview. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I attached my resume. I told them what I admired in them and where I see myself going with my career. There were no strings attached. I just wanted to get in front of them and meet in person and see where things go from there. And just like that, my calendar was blowing up with 30 min meetings all over Manhattan and Brooklyn to see these people that I admired so deeply (if you need a coffee shop recommendation, look no further, I am your woman). 

To this day, this is the most impactful thing I could have ever done for my career. What came from those 25 coffee meetings ended up turning into my first three consulting gigs which was the start of ōSHen Creative. Why? Well for starters, we just showed our potential employee how direct, passionate and driven we are and this reflects the type of work we will create for them. During this time, I gave it my all - staying true to myself and what I wanted to put out in the world. I just needed one person, one person to give me a chance to prove to them what I can do. And this is where I recommend you start as well. 

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Expanding Our Subconscious

We just need one person to give us a chance. It’s not going to be easy. There will be rejection (just a hint: some of Lacy’s strongest manifestors see rejection as being a projection of the person instead of an insult on themselves) but it’s all part of the process to find you the perfect fit. 

Start small by interning. Offer time after your full-time or part-time jobs or during the weekend. We all have the time, it’s just a matter of prioritizing something over something else. The experience you will gain from interning for someone or a company that you admire is priceless because it helps you understand aspects of their business that you need more experience in learning about. You’re building your resume, networking and proving to them that you’re dedicated. You never know who is watching. And you never know when a position might open up and they need someone in-house to fill the spot.

Offer to exchange services. Maybe you’re a graphic designer but interested in learning how to run a company - offer design work for tutorials on how to manage the accounting books. Utilize your skills that you’ve developed in your current or previous line of work that would be beneficial for them. No matter what your job is there is always something that you can offer as a skill set that would be beneficial for another company - whether it's scheduling, organizing, writing, managing, designing - there is always something! Get creative and don’t sell yourself short. You have experience. 

The point of this is to expand our subconscious into seeing that what we want is possible. This way you’ll be able to see really what goes on behind the scenes of a job that you think you might want. I’ll never forget this company that I once wanted to work for I instead interned for a realized very quickly that it actually wasn't the type of job roles that I wanted to be doing. It was the best blessing in disguise. 

Now it’s your turn. Time to get out there and make it happen. In the comments below, share with us your successes and failures as this will help expand others. For more support during the next month, I recommend you join us in Supported where Lacy can answer your most pressing questions, listening to the EXPANDED Podcast with the most inspirational humans and taking any shadowy feelings through the DRE or taking them head-on with Unblocked SHADOW. Next month, we’ll be addressing in more detail how to identify and pass (or fail) those tests! 

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