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As many of you are preparing to circle up with your UNBLOCKED Village in this upcoming week to celebrate, review, share and hold yourself accountable about where you are in your current manifestation practice, I want to take a moment to hugely congratulate you for showing up for yourself. Like any other self-realizing pursuit (yoga, meditation, working out, neuroplasticity), manifestation is also a practice that takes repetition. Sometimes it's hard to touch in with your practice daily or to even stay on track. It isn't about perfection, it's about progress. And a lot of us fall off until we hit a rock bottom, or get re-inspired, or feel the urge. God knows that I have. Here are some tips to re-inspire you and get you back on track. 

The Practice

Take the first baby step to get back into your practice by taking a few minutes daily to tune into the quick teachings and inspiration:

M. Read the weekly Manifestation Teachings.
T. Be expanded by community manifestation stories on IG.
W. Watch the latest SUPPORTED class.
TH. Watch the latest Manifestation video.
F. Listen to the latest EXPANDED Podcast.

One Foot in Front of the Other

Weekly, I'll have someone reach out about how to get back on track when they've fallen off the train. It's SO easy. Literally, today, commit to doing the DRE today and each day this week. It's enough to get you totally clued back into your patterns, shifting them, and becoming so aware of what your next step needs to be. You also feel an instant state of empowered control.

Reward Yourself

I'm motivated by rewards. My love languages are gifts and words of affirmation. So I'm deeply motivated by gifts from others and from myself. When I was super broke and waiting tables, it would be as small as a fancy dark chocolate bar that day or flowers for my cockroach filled apartment in East Hollywood. Here's what I've rewarded myself with lately as I've started digging deeeep into the work again to strengthen for some major up-leveling that is going on!

Traditional Aleppo Soap.

Coveting this sweater and enjoying this scarf at the retreat house.

Giving myself permission to watch things that inspire me and calm me or expand me. Lately, it's been this doc, this show with EXPANDED ep. 14 (coming soon) guest Beth Behrs, and re-watching Downton Abbey.

The treat of a date stuffed with fancy almond butter.

Listening to this on the go.



If you are new to the brand and aren't already in an UNBLOCKED Village, create one! Simply join the Secret Society Facebook Group and type the name of your town or city in CAPS allowing others to know that you are looking to create one in the area. At the next Village gathering, pick an accountability partner, and hold each other accountable to the work daily.


If you're someone that thrives off of one-on-one with coaches and daily touch-ins, the ROADMAPS are for you. They have a week by week outline of how to take yourself through the workshops much deeper.

Forgive Yourself

Tomorrow is a new day. The universe will always push you back on your path.

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