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We are so excited to be kicking off a 30-Day DRE Challenge. Every day for the next month, we as a community will be holding one another accountable and working through triggers together as we listen to the DRE each day. All you need to participate is the DRE, which is included in the How to Manifest Workshop. We’re offering a special discount for the month of November as our holiday gift to you— $100 off of How to Manifest with the code UPGRADE. Here’s to a magnetic 2019!

November tends to be the time around here that we begin meditating on all that we are calling in for the New Year ahead. Why so early you ask? Because those of you who have done the How to Manifest workshop know that the “calling in” part is the easiest. It’s what sets the year ahead’s intentions in motion to you; however, it’s the actual execution of UNBLOCKING that magnetizes it to us. So that we don't waste the momentum of the New Year when it arrives, we begin all of that now to slide into 2019 with some serious manifestations. I don't know about you guys but those eclipses just about did us in around here and we're ready to UPLEVEL all of December (more on that soon); so November we are focusing on calling in, following all of the steps of the How to Manifest, and taking the opportunity all of November to work through every trigger and block in our way, as a group, using the DRE which is already included in the How to Manifest

Every holiday season, I extend a gift to this incredible community to acknowledge how incredible you are and how proud I am of you for stepping up to do the work in order to have the life you want.

This year, I've decided that the biggest gift would be $100 off of the How to Manifest all of November so that whoever would like to participate in this challenge and preparation can do it together. Simply use the code UPGRADE at checkout.

Energetically when we do anything in group it creates much more energy and collective magnetism than doing it alone. Therefore, we’re calling in every pillar of our community to hop on the journey with us inside of the Secret Society FB group where we will be keeping everyone on track weekly. Now let's get this group challenge flowing.  


Triggers are events, moments, words heard from another that bring about our shadow, ego shell, or make us feel small. These triggers are completely unique to each individual and are developed by programming we’ve received whilst growing up. At times we can be completely oblivious to what our triggers are or why certain events trigger us to begin with. To free ourselves from our triggers, we must do the work to reprogram them through the Daily Reprogramming Exercise (DRE) within the How to Manifest Workshop. Focus on one trigger at a time, taking it through the DRE.

The more we become free of triggers and programming, the higher our self-worth will grow and the more magnetic we will become, and thus, the more we can manifest! Therefore, we’ve created the 30-day DRE Challenge to set you up for a magnetic year ahead!

The 30-Day DRE Challenge

following the How to Manifest workshop

Week 1 • LIST | Make your list and notice where you want things but don't feel deserving of them (i.e. an intellectual partner but you don't feel smart enough) take these items through the DRE.

Week 2 • EXPANDERS | Look for expanders, DRE anything about them that triggers you (i.e. you feel jealous, envious, or unworthy)

Week 3 • TESTS | Focus on noticing tests and taking the triggers that come with them through the DRE (i.e. a potential partner but they are not everything on your list, you go to settle because you feel unworthy of what you want, but instead of settling, you take this trigger through the DRE)

Week 4 • PINGS | Focus on listening to your PINGS and following them, notice where ego is holding you back and take it through the DRE (i.e. I have a PING to go to the coffee shop, but I don't want to go alone. Why?)

Week 5 • MAGIC DARK | Reflect on your past magic dark experience(s), take inventory of how you felt (or are feeling if you’re in the midst of one now). Were there old insecurities that came up? Doubts? Lack of trust? Take inventory of patterns you noticed before during and after.

Week 6 • MICRO | What micro items have you had trouble calling in? What micro manifestation are you working on now? Spend this week taking the micro manifestation you’re struggling to call in or are in the process of calling in through the DRE. See what happens.

Week 7LIST | Focus on what you want to call in, don’t hold back - reach for the moon! Now take note of what items on your list you still feel unworthy of, or doubtful of. Take this through the DRE.


Join the Secret Society Facebook Group to share your progress!

Stay accountable with your community.

3 Tips to Make This Challenge a Success

i. Start Small | Having a hard time honing in on a specific trigger to work through? Start with something you can easily pick out like: when your partner or roommate doesn’t wash their dishes. What comes to mind when you think of what angers you?

ii. Be Patient with Yourself | Sometimes the answers or UNBLOCKING you’re hoping for takes time to unveil. You might have to take the same trigger through the DRE a few days in a row. Or, the answer might come to you while you’re driving or in a dream a few days later.

iii. Don’t Shy From the Heavy Stuff | Yes, patience is key but don’t avoid the real triggers you know are looming. What you’re most scared of unearthing is where you need to go to free yourself and start manifesting. Find a support system, therapy or self-love practices to turn to.

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