EXPANDED Weekend Roundup


Wow, today's EXPANDED podcast ep is so inspiring with Beth Behrs. She expands every artist, actor, panic attack suffer and activist that anything is possible. She shares how she went from waiting tables to successful overnight after landing her first series regular on  "Two Broke Girls" (and wearing clothes to the audition with tags still on them because she couldn't afford new ones). How she used How to Manifest workshop to manifest her important new show "The Neighborhood", and how she founded her deeply inspiring foundation She Herd Power.


i. Well, first and foremost, we're all attending Beth's UNBLOCKED Village on Saturday after our podcast recording with Shaman Durek. I'm floored. If this full-time actress and activist has the time to host an UNBLOCKED Village then we all can! 

ii. This weekend, I'll be wearing this pinky ring custom designed for me, seasonal boot 1, seasonal boot 2, and my new fall hat.

iii. I'm going to finish watching this series which I think is utterly expansive for anyone seeking a partnership or in partnership! Wow! Also, finishing this doc.

iv. Officially making my 2019 list. Complete with another retreat house in Scotland, my dream car just to get it out of my system (let’s see if The Universe pulls this one off), and a speaking tour to connect with all of you!

v. Favorite other podcast ep this week! His book is already on the way!!!


i. I’ve had a bad hip since I can remember and it has seriously flared up this week. The pain is nearly unbearable at times. I recently had acupuncture and cupping done around the area to release the muscles and MAN has that helped tenfold. This I’ll be resting and stretching this weekend.

ii. To combat inflammation that accompanies these flare-ups, I’ve been downing Omica Organics Turmeric Curcumin.

iii. Fall in LA is my favorite, so I’ve been venturing out to farmers markets for apples, squash and homey goods - bringing this reusable bag with me wherever I go.

iv. Despite the bad hip, I love to fit in some sort of movement everyday. On the weekends, it’s usually a hike or a beach walk while I listen to a podcast with my new headphones.

v. Nothing like a fall treat to bring some home to my LA apartment. Baking from Deliciously Ella’s cookbook always reminds me of crisp afternoons in my childhood kitchen.


i. There’s something so primally satisfying and soothing about baking bread. And unless you have celiac disease, most of the inflammatory and digestive issues we experience when we eat bread are due to the presence of genetically modified wheat. Even organic non-GMO flour in the U.S. is often contaminated, so I like to use imported Italian flour. The Tartine Bread cookbook is an amazing resource to learn bread basics.

ii. My feet are perpetually cold, especially during the Vata-ruled fall season. To combat this, slice fresh ginger and add it to a basin of hot water. Let your feet soak for a few minutes and then vigorously rub the pieces of ginger on your feet and ankles. I learned this tip from Martha Soffer from Surya Spa (her podcast episode is coming soon!) , and it is so helpful to increase circulation in your extremities! After you finish your soak, keep your feet warm with cozy chic socks.

iii. In this episode, Beth talks about using How to Manifest to manifest the amazing show she’s now on, which inspired me to revisit the Formula workshop for a refresher! Revisiting the basics has helped me get so much clearer while I’m crafting my list for the new year.

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