We’re so excited to share this special edition of the EXPANDED Podcast featuring a peek into Lacy’s SUPPORTED Manifestation Class. SUPPORTED offers the most direct access to Lacy— members submit their questions and she personally answers them twice monthly in the online classes. This episode discusses a range of FAQs from how to know when to leave partnerships, understanding energetic tests, getting specific with expanders and subconscious resistance.

Thank you to those who have contributed your questions! We’re sharing how we’re cozying up to this episode and creating ritual this weekend to support the DRE Challenge. It’s not too late to join in!


i. I’m going to be straight with you. This week was wildly busy. I'll be doing my DRE each day on my biomat and taking mustard baths to recover. PS, we got a Biomat for the Retreat House, so you'll have that to enjoy while you're there! 

ii. Totally floored by this incredible book club subscription where you receive a surprise book in the mail! How cool is that? Especially loved this post by them.

iii. This rendition was done SO well done with a very technical set. RUN OUT AND SEE IT if you’re in LA. It's so festive too! We were the only ones under 60, which is so my scene. 

iv. Got a lazy steamer because I realize that my body is craving easily digestible fall veggies that have most of their nutrients intact! And this seems like just about the easiest system. I obviously have the traditional method but on weeks like this, ugh… this works.

v. Because my brain is so fried from the week, I'm literally just so stoked to watch Homecoming after listening to the EXPANDED ep. (Keeping it real here)


i. I idealized a whole routine of bath or tea but knowing myself that wouldn’t last and it would become discouraging feeling like I needed to do all of these rituals just to follow through with the challenge. I’m working on seriously prioritizing and cutting the fat (areas where I’m losing energy) in my life - thanks to this DRE challenge! - so instead I take the pressure off of myself and just lay in my new fluffy comforter whenever I feel called during the day (which tends to be right as I wake or right before I go to bed)

ii. One thing I am feeling myself do without thinking is laying down with an eye mask. This feels like a little treat and is a habit (or ritual) I don’t feel like I neeeeed to do, yet want to. 

iii. Cutting the “fat” out of my life has been kinda invigorating (like a fun addictive game). To help, I take certain things I feel aren’t my priority, but I’m having a hard time letting go of through the DRE to figure out why I don’t want to let go. This has seriously sped up the process. While doing this I’ve seriously narrowed down my skin care / bathing routine and it’s making my life so much easier. I know only have my favorite products in my bathroom and have gotten rid of EVERYTHING I thought I wanted to keep but never used. Some of my absolute favorite products on my counter now: Earth Tonics Mushroom Serum , Heart of Gold Red Tara mask & jade roller (because it just feels so good!). 

iv. And spending the time I used to spend scrolling social media (I disabled my IG!) reading lots of good books by young authors to feel expanded!! Like Mothers.


i. My dad was at a garage sale and found this amazing vintage sheepskin that I’m planning on using as my meditation rug to lie on while I do my DRE. Here is a similar one

ii. Last year around this time, I went on a trip up to Big Sur with a group of friends and I’m so craving to make it back there. We camped at Treebones Resort (you can rent campsites, yurts, or little cabins). Until I can carve out a few days away, I’ll just be burning piñon and ogling at all the national parks through the eyes of the master, Ansel Adams

iii. Considering upgrading my bed with pillows from Gjusta Goods.

iv. I’m in need of some new plants for my space. I’ll be making the trek to this beautiful plant shop to adopt some new green babies!


i. Nothing makes my space feel more grounded than this oud incense created by Allison who also makes this delicious olive oil. In Joshua Tree? Be sure to stop by her shop and The Station next door for some seriously good finds.  

ii. I've been craving an alone trip out to the mountains to integrate all the new changes that have been happening in my life. Thinking of spending Thanksgiving alone herehere or here.

iii. Alone time looks a lot like this: hikeread and gather inspiration.

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