Venus in Retrograde


Oh, Venus in retrograde. How you've made life ever so interesting now for nearly a month. Thank God for this DRE group challenge, and that we're all doing it together as it's helped bring our whole team so much clarity as to why we are reminiscing about, or running into, ex's. This is a post calling in our MASCULINE, WISE, AFLOAT, and FEMININE community. Everyone.

As your manifestation advisor, I'm not so gently here to remind you that this DOES NOT mean that you are supposed to be with them. It is not a sign from The Universe fating you two back into each other's lives. That may be true for .02% of you, so I'm going to caution on speaking to the 99.08% this is untrue for. 

What is going on, however, is a VERY big invitation to connect back with the version of yourself you were when you two were in each other's worlds. That version of you that feels like such a faint person that you used to know. That's who is actually being called forward during this time. So this month, as you set your 2019 intentions, and as you examine each of your triggers in order to remove the blocks in their way, I want you to take some time to connect back with your younger self. The one that felt so hopeful and wrapped up in the feelings of love, excitement, pain, insecurity, magic, no caution... Tonight your DRE day 4 date is with your younger self. 


i. Play music from the era when you were getting to know this blast-from-the-past that has resurfaced in your life or thoughts. Allow yourself to connect with the music in a deeper, nostalgic way. Find that old version of yourself in it. 

ii. Write a letter from this younger version of yourself's perspective. No monitoring or thinking. Even write with your non-dominant hand so that you can get out of your analytical brain. Expressing all of the things this version of you hopes to manifest one day. From your heart. Ask this version of yourself what pain, shadow or triggers still need to be addressed in their lives. 

iii. Take those that are still relevant today through the DRE this evening. Another way to address this blast from the past is to complete anything that felt incomplete from the relationship that you feel you still need to experience. You can do that while you're down there! 

iv. After you finish, with your dominant hand, write a letter back as you are today telling that version of yourself everything it needed to hear in order to be complete, whole and worthy. 

v. Lastly, consider what else you're needing to call in on your 2019 list. What pleasure that you don't allow yourself? What fun that your soul absolutely needs and craves as medicine? Walk it through the How to Manifest workshop (DRE is included in it). 

From our psychological astrologer, Danielle Beinstein:

“Venus Retrogrades, like all retrogrades, are often approached with fear and trepidation. Are we going to break up!? Is money going to be withheld from me?! Truth is, a lot of It is just bad PR. Venus is the planet of love and money. In other words, the topics that tend to consume us and that, in some form or another and at one time or another, cause us angst. Manifestation is about self-worth and as much as Venus is about love and money, it’s actually about worth and value. Like Lacy has said, money tends to equal masculine worth and love feminine worth. They’re twin flames, echoing from the same core desire: to feel like we matter. So, if we’re proactive and if we’re conscious, Venus retrograde is actually a time to dig deep and explore what these themes mean for us, how they’re presenting themselves. On October 6th, Venus went retrograde in Scorpio, and as of the 1st of November, is now in Libra, where it will station direct on November 16th. Libra prefers harmony. It doesn’t like rocking the boat. Do we get our value from others? Do we feel we have to get along in other to be loved or financially compensated? Wherever we fall on the spectrum, judgment is not the answer. Compassion and acceptance are. Because, at the end, of the day, true self worth arises when we treat ourselves as our own best friend and partner. And that shift is where miracles occur. So no need to panic. It’s a period of review and nothing is finite. I met my partner the day Venus went retrograde and we’re doing just fine”

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