EXPANDED Ep. 16 Weekend Roundup



Marianna's Podcast ep today focussing on practical meditation couldn't be more fitting for the tension in the world today. As I sit here at the Retreat House in Mariposa, where the charcoaled trees grace (nearly) my backyard from the fire over the summer I'm grateful that this home is still standing. The same can't be said for many in Malibu and Chico today, and so many around the world. Therefore, we are donating a portion of sales to those that are displaced, recovering, or simply in need of aid. Here is how we can all help: The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund, Humane Society of Ventura County, Airbnb's Open Home Program, California Fire Foundation.

Important article that I have a lot to learn from. Continuing my education.

This cover by one of our FB group souls. Totally moved me.

Obsessed with this beautiful video from my favorite oil creator.

This week I was totally inspired by this ring

This is hands-down the most hydrating cream this winter. AND PACKED with pure incredible ingredients. It leaves a protective layer on the face. I've also looped this oil cleanser in for more winter hydration, and this serum. WOWZER. 

Does anyone else live off of these crackers with feta or this almond butter

I basically only wear these shoes with hemp socks, and this sweater (dyed with Chaga mushroom) at the retreat house. I've gone full hobbit. I do, however, swap to these boots and this sweater when I leave the house in order to keep my edge. 

Need this book


It’s strange living in LA unharmed while the wild fires destroy homes, neighborhoods and thousands of acres only a few miles away. I’m so grateful my family is safe, although they are still unable to return home. As I’ve shared, I’ve been clearing lots of space and portals these past few weeks - getting rid of anything I don’t 1. feel aligned with 2. don’t absolutely love 3. haven’t used in a long-while. Throughout this process, I’ve also been taking inventory of what I’m grateful for - whether in my physical space or energetically in my life. Along with the obvious of loved ones and health…here are a few I have to share!

i. The absolute generosity and kindness, and feedback, from the F&N community! Jessica Smith sent me her book: Your Twenties. I can’t wait to read it.

ii. Cooling temperatures so I can dream about cool chic coats, like this one and a cozy sweater like this.

iii. This Kapha body oil from Sequoia Ayurveda to keep my skin hydrated as the air dries.


i. In this drier weather (and especially if you’re in an area where you are inhaling smoke) herbal steams are a great way to decongest both your sinuses and your skin. To make your own, put a small handful each of rose petals, calendula flowers, chamomile, and lavender, into a pot on the stove with a few cups of water. Simmer for a few minutes and hover your face above the steam, making sure to not get too close. After steaming, apply a rich oil or moisturizer. 

ii. I rarely read novels because I love science and philosophy books so much, but lately I’ve been craving a good story to get lost in. In my queue to read this holiday season are The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Turtles All the Way Down

iii. My roommate and I are working on furnishing our apartment. I end up spending way too much time drooling over beautiful art pieces like these knot sculptures or these bookends

iv. I know gratitude lists can feel a little contrived at first, but they have become sort of a game for me. I try to come up with unique things each day. It’s easy for the first month or so, and then it starts to get tougher and more obscure. It creates such a shift in perspective when you’re consciously grateful for the rediscovery of an old favorite song, enthusiastically theatrical crossing guards, or strangers that laugh with you when you trip in public.


This week, I'm feeling grateful for community. No, I was not impacted by the fires in California, but seeing the community band together the way they did and still are is truly heartwarming and inspiring. All of the willingness to give, to lend a helping hand, and to support. I'm sending so much love to all of you. 

This body moisturizer is amazing. It helps me to slow down, get in touch with my body, and be mindful as I'm getting ready for the day or winding down for the night.

One thing that grounds me is keeping consistent with my gratitude journal. There's nothing like pen to paper to reflect on what you're facing and what you have. Has anyone tried a bullet journal?

This book.


Watching the fires from afire has been heartbreaking but it’s been so inspiring to watch everyone rally together, opening their homes, donating their money or time, and coming together. Please stay safe!

I’m cozying up to cooler fall weather here by making warm tonics with my new favorite blend from Sunpotion.

Grateful to have had this essential oil on hand from Saje to help fight off a lingering cough I had from a gnarly cold last month. It was a life saver to get me sleeping soundly through the night! 

I’ve been using Alexis Smart Flower Remedies for a little over two months now and could not be more thankful. I’ve found them to be especially impactful and expansive during the DRE challenge! This is the blend I started with.

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