EXPANDED Ep. 18 Weekend Roundup

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On this week’s episode of The EXPANDED Podcast, psychic intuitive Natalie Miles talks about how she stepped into her spiritual gifts and how we can all more fully embrace our own unique gifts (with some tools). Settle in, enjoy her episode and read below how the FN team is navigating this week's DRE Challenge theme—the Magic Dark. 


As many of you know from doing the Formula & Mag workshop, I mention in it that the Magic Dark is my favvvvvoooorrriiitttteee thing to be in. It took me many of them to trust enough and to understand that I'm always supported and something very magical is about to come through. So now I know to just kick back in them, do the things that light me up, DRE away any limiting beliefs or fears popping up that want to make me succumb to old low self-worth opportunities (or patterns), and then poof my magical manifestations appear. I just wrapped up a mini Magic Dark yesterday. Literally. 

i. As you all know, I'm a design nut. It's one of my core authentic code elements (stay tuned, you'll learn all about exactly what core authentic code elements means in UPLEVEL, and you'll figure your own out). Anyway, you'll remember here that I was calling in a new car and curious about how The Universe would supply. In truth, I've been calling this car in since 2008 as my ex was friends with the Olsen twins, and I thought they were just about the chicest (don't judge me), and they drove the bigger model. However, I let it go because I wasn't nearly expanded enough for it. Cue being a struggling actor and waitress at the Laugh Factory making $300-500 a week. Fast-forward, now I'm more than expanded and I just tossed it out on my list a month ago curious to see how it would show up. Went to the few dealerships a few weeks ago to inquire and none could meet the lease payments that felt comfortable for me (test passed). Then I tossed the idea out again knowing that I'd be heading into a magic dark. And then out of nowhere, I received an unexpected extraordinarily big refund from the IRS, AND THEN I got a call from a floor manager with a closeout deal that felt nearly too good to be true. Yesterday I drove off with my manifestation listening to The Nutcracker the whole way home. Giving my 2008 year-old-self, who was soooooooo low in worth, a hug. Then I had to go home and do a DRE because old triggers of, 'WTF do you think you are, and everything will get taken away from you one day soon as it did when you were little,' popped up. Keep up with the DRE challenge everyone. Magic comes from it! 

ii. Now the next thing I've learned from many Magic Darks is to engage in self-care and things that make me feel confident in the lowest depths of trust. To stay feeling worthy and magnetic. That leads me to mention Wildling. HAVE YOU SEEN IT? My facialist Britta in NYC has been the biggest advocate for Gua Shu since I met her. Well, I've never really personally tried it on myself. She sent me Wildling as a holiday gift and wow. For everyone who has tried the Jade roller and been like, 'hmmm... I sort of get it?' You'll never turn back. Wildling comes with videos and a tiny little booklet of how to use it along with a hydrosol and incredible oil. I could feel the lymph draining for ages after. It's so easy, ancient, and effective. I'm getting it for the women and men in my life for holiday gifts. (Tried in on Max and he loved it). LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

iii. It is the perfect tool to use between my once a month stemcell microcurrent facials with Tess Adams. I first headed to Tess in need of help because my endocrine issues had sped up aging in my face. I've gone to her monthly for nearly a year now and it has changed everything for me. Another Magic Dark super bullet. It's also the perfect gift certificate for the women and men in our life. 

iv. This movie was an A+. CAN’T wait to see this one in December.

vi. What i’d give! And I’ll take this design for one of the rooms at the Retreat house! Here are the actual design boards for the retreat house.

vii. And the last biggest Magic Dark superpower has been In Love by Alexis Smart. The 30 days of DRE and this have made me almost too magnetic. Like too much good is coming in that I'm having to DRE quite a bit to be able to hold this bigger container. Many of you might be in this same position. Here is a video where I talk about how to navigate it. And many of you are on your way because every single human is innately worthy and deserving of anything they authentically want - simply for being alive.

viii. We’ve loosely set the date for October of 2020 in France. I’m inspired by this look. I’ve finally made my board public.

ix. Love this piece. And her insta.

x. Must have Dr. Bruce Lipton on the podcast. This ep was amazing.

xi. Did everyone catch Dara, Jenna, and I in our latest Youtube video of how to navigate changes>


It’s week 5 of the DRE challenge! This week’s focus on the Magic Dark has brought up a lot of triggers, impatience and areas where I’m lacking trust I hadn’t even realized. I felt myself in a serious magic dark in September and October, but got nervous, impatient and kept questioning whether or not I was making the right decisions, saying yes or no to the right opportunities. I’m bringing what I had noticed come up through the DRE this week and indulging on a few things as I do so:

i. I’m actually writing this on the plane to New York for a family-packed, event-packed long weekend. Binging Christmas movies and listening to Essentialism, thanks to Grace’s recommendation, on the way to the other coast.

ii. Taking all the Sambucol and chaga tonics to stay healthy on this trip.

iii. Very excited to pick up some Freaky Healthy Chocolate in New York.


Magic Darks are unbelievably powerful opportunities to build trust. For me these times include both include acute tests (like several exes coming out of the woodwork within days of each other) and the often even more challenging tests of boredom and feeling stagnant. When I start to feel like things aren’t flowing, I have a tendency to want to look outward in order to feel engaged and stimulated by life. For example, I find when I’m in a Magic Dark, I spend more time on social media, pick up new hobbies on a whim, and reach out to people I normally wouldn’t. Sometimes wonderful things can come from these things, but recently I’ve become more aware of the energetics behind my actions. I am working on being more conscientious about doing things because I genuinely want to and not because I’m freaked out by stagnant moments. 

i. The Magic Dark can feel like being in the eye of the storm— a sort of eerie calm. I’m practicing intentional stillness within in the lull by doing the internal work on raising my self worth. The DRE is my go-to method for working through the the triggers and unsureness of this time. Lately I have been beginning my day with a DRE as soon as I wake up, followed by a walk and then a self-massage with the Olio Maestro system. It helps hugely with lymphatic drainage and is made with energizing essential oils for increased circulation. 

ii. I have found that the Magic Dark can also be a really special time for dreaming and creation. My roommate and I have brainstorm sessions at least once a week where we go down the most fun creative wormholes. We get out giant sticky notes, drink some Ginko or Gotu Kola tea to stimulate our minds, and start working through ideas. We talk about podcasts we were inspired by recently, art and brands that excite us, and work on the brand identity of the company we’re building together. 

iii. A friend had given this book to me awhile back and I finally got around to reading it. It elegantly yet irreverently celebrates the Japanese sense of aesthetic, architecture, design and food. It’s so fitting for the Magic Dark because it is about the beauty within the quiet and shadowy parts of life. 

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