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Martha Soffer of Surya Spa joins us on this week’s episode of The EXPANDED Podcast. She shares her journey of working as an Ayurvedic doctor for 30 years, how she started Surya Spa with her husband, preparing for parenthood and much more. Settle in, enjoy her episode and read below how the FN team is navigating this week's DRE Challenge theme—Micro Manifestations. 


The God's honest truth is that ALL of my micro manifestations have realized this year and then some. What I've been personally working through, especially with this Mercury in retrograde is feeling like I totally deserve them. DRE'ing the guilt away. DRE'ing the fears I have about judgement from others for how incredible my life has become. How full. How realized. How lovely. And then DRE'ing more that I deserve it all. And, the deeply rooted block - constantly slaying away layers daily - that it won't all get taken away. Though, I do know this in my conscious mind, it's the act of reinforcing my subconscious mind where the old fear loops continue to loop. So in essence, after all of that, I'm personally working through all of the steps of Next Level in UPLEVEL

This video of one of our UNBLOCKERS gives me chills. Love it so much. It also get's me excited for Yule on Winter Solstice. I'm hosting a celebration for my family at the retreat house. Here are the raw notes saved on my iPhone for the gathering: Candles in the window - to light the angels home and New Year of prosperity to us. Tree, Altar, Mistletoe (cut 6 days after the New Moon) with red bow, Holly, Beeswax candles, Bonfire, king's crowns , dried orange garland, clippings everywhere.  You'll get the gist from our Noël board.

I also got all the wrapping for my gifts this year. This paperthis ribbonthis tape, and for the small gifts I'm doing this with these

This is my all-time favorite holiday film. Beyond!

I'm only decorating the tree with these and candles. 


I first learned the basics of manifestation through the Formula and Magnetism Workshop, manifesting the micro. Micro manifestations are where I built my trust muscle, learned the process and had lots of fun testing what I could call in. Although in my new nomadic lifestyle, micro manifestations are kind of on the back burner, there are a few items I’ve called in that have been quite kismet.

I had been wanting a mirrorless, compact camera for travel for awhile now. I recently had a long conversation with a photographer I work with who told me his secret was having one of these cameras on him at all times (expanding me and confirming my desire for one). Then!! I made more money than I had planned for last month, had to purchase something to write off for taxes, and BAM found a great deal on a Fujifilm TX-20. I’m in love.

I have been manifesting more writing EXPANDERS. I was scrolling through Netflix and saw that they have just released a documentary on Joan Didion. I watched it and became enamored, and purchased this book on Black Friday.

I’ve been forever changed by Alexis Smart’s flower remedies. Running low on my bottle and she so generously sent a new one!

Next micro manifestation is a coat like this one. Especially on this rainy day.


Micro manifestations can be tricky for me, more often when it comes to specific items or products that I’m trying to call in. According to my human design chart I’m supposed to be specific in my manifestations but I’ve found if I focus more on a feeling during the DRE than the specific item, it comes through a bit easier.

For example, I really wanted to call in a pair of amazing vintage Levi’s and they weren’t coming through. Instead, a pair of beautiful eco-denim jeans from Madewell came into my life at an extremely discounted price. When I shifted my list from wanting the Levi’s to instead wanting a great quality pair of jeans that fit great, the other pair came through.

I’m also calling in new bedding that makes me feel cozy and luxurious. I can’t get over how dreamy these sheets are.

The last piece missing to decorating my teeny little studio apartment is a few pieces of art I feel inspired by. I really love the Fortoul Brothers  pieces here in Phoenix.

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