EXPANDED Ep. 17 Weekend Roundup


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Is everyone tuning into this Friday’s EXPANDED Podcast episode with Katie Dalebout?! She shares her take on intuitive eating, journalling and how she’s grown to become a published author and podcaster. Listen in and read below what PINGS the FN team is following on Week 4 of the DRE Challenge as we listen to this expanding episode!


The holidays have officially hit. As of now, many of us have had old triggers come up - especially this week - as we join with family. I don't know about you but the DRE has been immensely helpful for me surrounding this. During week 4 of the DRE challenge, we focussed on pings. Noticing when triggers (the ego) tell us that we can't follow the pings that we are getting. Not good enough; etc. So today, as we binge Katie Dalebout’s EXPANDED Ep, the team explores the pings we have been following. I also have the ping to share that Katie's words on intuitive eating in today's podcast ep will help expand many of how to navigate this holiday season with overindulging.

Last but not least, at many's requests, we've extended the DRE challenge to December 15th along with the code UPGRADE for $100 off the How to Manifest so that everyone can feel truly supported and ready for 2019!

i. I've had the ping to head to Ireland and Scotland over NYE to meet with realtors to look for the next retreat house in Scotland. The triggers that came up were that Max, as a manifestor (that lives his design and follows every impulse) decided to open his new OLDERBROTHER store in Venice and can't get away over the holiday (our engagement anniversary), so I had to work through that as the holidays mean so much to me. Then the ping kept nagging me to go, so I told him that I'll be going the second week of January whether he can make it or not (he can). Then the big triggers came up. 'This is absurd to get a place so far away that will be an expensive airfare every time you go. What if things are good financially now but the financial rug gets pulled out from under you like it did your entire childhood? When you have kids one day, and they are in school, you won't be able to live there that much...' The trigger doubts came up and up and up. But because I understand the energetics of manifestation so well, especially money, I DRE-ed them all away. Saved the travel date on my cal. Then guess what, I received an IRS refund for 5 figures that was totally unexpected. And so it always goes... Plus, Scotland and Ireland are on my Jupiter line in astrocartagraphy so many magical manifestations await me there.  

ii. I got the ping on Monday to share these really beautiful, inspiring souls that are leading important conversations in sobrietymental health, and uplifting the world. Follow these Expanders! And this reminder from my very first boss/expander. For everyone getting triggered, it's the truth! And this

iii. Had a ping to get the boots I've been wanting for two seasons. Again, the triggers of how ridiculous the price is. Then remembering the energetics of money.... and not only did the check come through, so did these incredible pillows for the retreat house (as a gift which is SO my style and the house's style), and then you're really not going to believe this one, so hold on to your seats! I had an absurd budget for the 12 seat raw wood dining table for the retreat house as it will be the heart of the house that everyone will spend so much time connecting and communing. My dad's girlfriend sent me this listing on Facebook for a beautiful Ponderosa Pine raw table for $600. Bought it instantly. (10x less than my budget). The energetics of money truly truly truly work everyone. I'll be on Luke Storey's Podcast centering only around money on December 18th.


My PINGS have been louder and louder these weeks since starting the DRE Challenge. I’m finding clarity and shedding old attachment and hoarding habits. It’s been magical! Here are a few PINGS I’ve been following recently:

i. Really absorbing Katie’s message about intuitive eating. Yes, at first I’ve been going a bit overboard on things I used to label as “bad” (ie. a loaf of delicious GF sourdough and a jar of my FAVORITE peanut butter…nom nom nom). But as my mind calms down, my body communicates better and my appetite begins to balance out. Foods are slowly becoming equal, purely fuel rather than labeled, categorized, “treats.” Ridding myself of the connection of self-worth and day of eating.

ii. Following - albeit a bit scary - a huge PING to be a nomad for the next few months. I’m moving out of my apartment and popping around LA, sneaking off to New York, Florida and Turks & Caicos! Excited, nervous…everything. But I know it’s right for the time being. That said, I’m getting rid of nearly everything I own and making some SERIOUS space for manifestations to come through in 2019 (helllllloooooo UPLEVEL). Keeping some staples though…like these shoes and my new favorite cozy trench.

iii. Also taking more time to care for my body and using this Body Stone moisturizer and hair mask.


With the DRE challenge theme of pings this week, I realized that I haven’t been doing a very good job of listening for pings lately. I have been very much in this narrow-minded mode of work, sleep, try to get healthy. Since I’m only a few days into a pretty intense protocol for healing EBV, parasites, and Hashimoto's, I’m working on listening to pings and letting them lead me at a more gentle pace than I’m used to. I have found it so uplifting to follow pings even when I feel exhausted or resistant. Here are a few of the pings I have followed recently and ones I’m planning to follow this weekend:

i. I felt this strong ping to reach out to three friends I hadn’t seen in awhile and I scheduled early morning breakfast dates with all of them. Over the course of a week I met one at my go-to breakfast spot, Gjusta, went for a beach walk with another, and met the third for tea. One of the conversations ended up being hugely expansive for me in the realm of entrepreneurship and potential lead for an investor, and the other two provided much needed heart to hearts. 

ii. A few weeks back, I scribbled on my micro-manifestations list ‘simple, elegant dresser for under $50.’ I love taking walks while listening to podcasts. Katie’s EXPANDED episode was so uplifting, and I’ve also been loving the Aubrey Marcus Podcast and Good Life Project lately. The other night, I was out on a walk listening to this and I got a little ping to turn into a different neighborhood than my usual route. I happened upon the perfect dresser in an alleyway discarded next to someone’s trash can. Barely a scratch on it and exactly what I was looking for. 

iii. Inspired by Lila’s major paring down of her wardrobe and Lacy’s ever-epic style, I felt a ping to clean out my closet this weekend. Making space for things that feel more magnetic to me like this chic trench, these sweats to lounge in, and sleek mini hoops. While I clean, I’ll probably be sipping on this date pit coffee.

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