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We’re excited to share this special episode with Lacy’s fiancée and co-founder of Olderbrother, Max Kingery. He shares his journey of sobriety, how he got into fashion and started the eco-sustainable, gender neutral clothing brand Olderbrother, and how he and Lacy balance their work and relationship, how they met and a few stories in between. This week also wraps up our DRE Challenge, focusing on writing your list in preparation for the New Year!


Today's podcast ep is a special one because it's with my fiancée Max Kingery. We realized that when you google me, the third suggestion that comes up is "Lacy Phillips Fiancée". So we let you guys ask all of the Q's and we were honest and personal! Enjoy this ep. Come say hi to us in Venice at 2p on Sunday at his new store as they are having an opening party with Canyon Coffee and Moon Juice serving up drinks and treats! See you there! xx 

i. When it comes to money, I do have a couple of little practices that I do daily. This Har meditation daily for 3 minutes in my morning Sadhana. When I spend bigger amounts of money, may it be for the business, bills, or personal, I always thank the universe for sending me 10x what I spent and I see that amount going into my account (in order to reinforce those neural pathways). Truthfully, and I was mentioning this yesterday to my mom, because I've been doing the 45 day DRE challenge, I've pretty much addressed every trigger that came up pertaining to the list I'm calling in for 2019. As I sit here today, especially with Mercury back in flow, there isn't one doubt or unworthiness popping up for me at this time regarding my list. I "know" at the deepest parts of my subconscious that it's all on its way! 

ii. All of our charity donations will be going to this, this month. I write it here because I think it's important to bring awareness to it, for here is how we can all help. 

iii. This mini village is Inspo for the Scotland retreat house! 

iv. Here is the sweater that I've been wearing in IG stories that everyone keeps asking about. 

v. SO many of you have been asking what I do with my skin via IG stories. First, I must go on and on about this tool and my NYC Facialist's videos on how to use it for varying results. I've completely seen the results in my face. Less puffy and more lifted between my mircrocurrent facials

vi. Daily I use this as cleanserthis mask 4-5 days a week (really pulls out debris and brightens), this hydrosolthis serum at night and this one for the day, this brow serum, and this balm to seal my face for the day. (I use the gua sha after applying my oil). It sounds like a lot but it's actually really quick, brightening, moisturizing, lymph draining, and glowy!!  

vii. Getting back on the train of drinking a green smoothie daily has made a dramatic difference as well. My skin is more even, hydrated, and bright. Handful of spinach, two stalks of celery, small bunch of parsley & cilantro, small tsp of cholrella, a few tablets of spirulina, half a lemon, small knob of ginger, coconut meat, and a local pear. 

viii. Speaking of today's ep with my fiancé, been living in this lately. I pop the collar and wear it over whites with a lot of gold rings and big sunglasses. WTF do I think I am? I've clearly been doing too much DRE'ing.  



i. I’ve done major unblocking around money this past year and it’s been incredible to see the tangible results from all of my work. I wrote on my list in January a specific number I was manifesting to have in my savings account by 2019 - one I thought wasn’t capable of, but did some major reprogramming around the triggers I had to face when writing down this number. I was worried I would be a failure to myself if I didn’t hit it. I had many triggers surface around “being a phony,” “not seeing things through,” “always giving up.” I was so scared to be consistent with the number I had chosen, always wanting to go back into my journal and cross it out to replace it with something lower.

I had to replace my computer one month and couldn’t add anything to savings. I had another month that was low earning, and a month traveling which was high spending. All of these moments tempted my subconscious to slip back to its old lack mentality. But when these triggers surfaced, I stared them straight in the face and reminded myself that I was worthy and deserving of the money I was calling in. I took the triggers through the DRE and slowly they began to dissolve. As of this month I have surpassed my original number and I couldn’t be more proud! It can take a lot of work to untangle yourself from old programming, but hints of the other side are so rewarding and it soon becomes easier and easier.

ii. Since I am a nomad now, I’ve been focusing on manifesting free / cheap places to crash. Yet, my old subconscious fears (and SHADOW) are being to surface: I’m a mooch, freeloader, a burden. These have been right at the top of my mind these past few weeks and I’ve had a difficult time reprogramming them. Its all purely the energy of GUILT - guilt is the anchor I’ve been struggling with for a bit now in all areas of my manifestations. As I work through this energetic monster (so to speak), I’ve found a few ways to manage the immediate emotions that I’m facing by providing hostess gifts! Sounds silly, but a little goes a loong way. Most recently I’ve been gifting Evanhealy whipped Shea Butter because I’ve been obsessed ever since our retreat, and festive candles for the holidays. Plus, a handwritten card and some flowers never hurts.

iii. Manifesting the perfect pair of Levis right now. As a non-specific manifester, I’m unsure what the perfect pair even looks like - but I know they’ll find me. Just one little piece of programming stands between me and them: You have enough, you are not worthy of more. I’m wrestling with this one now: journalling out why and where theses feelings come from. I like to break big triggers apart consciously because it allows me to take them more thoroughly through the DRE. I can take each little piece through the DI which speeds up the process for me!


i. I’m currently doing my first round of OPULENCE, so money has definitely on my mind lately. So many of my limiting beliefs surrounding money have been stirred up and I’m slowly uncovering the roots of my blocks. One of the things I’m calling in in 2019 is more financial structure. I’m not a frivolous spender at all and I’m generally pretty careful with money, but I have a lot to learn about investments, savings, IRAs, and taxes. I’m calling in a great accountant to help me with this. I’m also planning on calling in additional income sources once I’m feeling strong enough health-wise to do so. The major trigger that keeps coming up for me during the DRE is feelings of undeservingness, like this feeling that all things need to be hard won for me to think I deserve them. I’m making huge progress in unblocking this and I know once it’s fully unblocked, money is going to flow so much more easily.

ii. In the past 2 weeks, 4 exes have reached out to me (all of whom I hadn’t spoken to in months). Lacy said that these types of tests often happen when something big is about to come through, so I’ll keep you guys updated on that front! I’m not at all calling in a partner right now, so I think these tests showed up to help me reaffirm my self worth and show me how far I have come. I had really lovely conversations with all of them, and it left me feeling so grateful to have gotten to grow and learn with each person, but also entirely emotionally sovereign and not needing their validation. Can’t wait to see what’s ready to come through!

iii. I have been using this hydrosol for years, and when we got to hear about the story and process behind it from the wonderful women at Evan Healy, I became even more obsessed. It is my secret weapon when I go home to Minnesota during the winter. I’m even manifesting a copper still so I can begin to experiment with making my own hydrosols with different plants! Speaking of plants, I always feel sort of guilty about having a tree cut down for me to enjoy as a Christmas tree, so this year I’m going to get a potted tree so I can plant it outside after I’m done enjoying it for the holidays! These little rosemary ones are super cute options for small spaces too! 

iv. I’m trying to avoid getting the winter cold everyone seems to have by downing spoonfuls of bee pollen, massaging my feet with ghee and wearing warm socks so to calm my vata,  getting acupuncture with Rose Goodman of Apothecai. I left my last treatment with her feeling like I was floating.  

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