EXPANDED Ep. 21 Weekend Roundup


Bo Carney, co-founder of Mohawk General Store, joins Lacy on this episode of the EXPANDED Podcast. She shares about her international upbringing, meeting and going into business with her husband, and following her intuition and personal style to create the wildly popular Mohawk General Store. She’s a massive expander for fashion entrepreneurs, those interested in living or studying internationally, and anyone who is afraid to make the leap to achieve their dreams. In this week’s roundup, the team shares how they’re celebrating the winter solstice.


What I sent to my family in an email:

Friday, December 21 brings Yule, the first day of winter where we celebrate the light that will one day return again. Here are some fun practices to mark this special day.

-Meditate with the rising and setting sun.

-A Yule Log with three red candles signaling the light that will one day return and red candles for prosperity. -Yule logs are a traditional part of this season’s celebrations – a big piece of wood that will burn throughout the festive period. If you have a fireplace at home, build a fire and when it is going well, add your Yule log. 

-An altar filled with the seasons offerings: nuts, mistletoe, fir, bells, candles, a bowl of snow/water, and crystals (these can be found on a nature walk the day of)

-gathering with those you love for merriment, feasting, and pausing in the evening to turn off all of lights for a moment to acknowledge the darkness, rebirth, and cold ahead.

-remember that the "cold moon" full moon begins on the 21st so don't forget to look up at it. We'll be having the Ursid Meteor shower at the same time through the 22 so it's a great time to stargaze at night! 

-Nature walk into the natural world to gather greenery for your home. Spend some time (if it’s dry) sitting on the Earth, or place your hands on the Earth, connecting with the pulse of life. 

-Write down what you'd like to leave behind from this year and toss it into the yule fire! 
Yule is a time of reflection to be grateful for the earth and the sun that will return. “

Tonight I'm celebrating by gathering with my immediate family on our ranch. I'm testing out the chefs of Mariposa to get them lined up for the retreat house once it launches. Tonight's menu is local, organic, and everything free (gluten, dairy, etc etc...). I've hired us a local bluegrass band that will play holiday music and traditional bluegrass music. And I'll be living in this fancy wool coat from my favorite small batch French brand. Truly one-of-a-kind! We’re also sharing the joy for this time of year joining Evanhealy for a special giveaway. You can learn more here.

For those of you that are calling in abundance this solstice, you'll certainly want to listen to this podcast ep and this one!  And for those of you struggling with mental health, I highly recommend this new podcast. My ep on it came out last weds!

This is completely unrelated to solstice (aside from the fact that I'm on my cycle - which actually could be completely related to solstice)... anyway, you read about how we all navigate our cycles here, and I CAN'T BELIEVE that I held out on the Thinx panties for so long. O.M.G, they are everything. I got 4 of the cheeky and 4 thongs! Everything. 

Since we are celebrating Yule this year, here was my solstice gift list to my mom and Max: these shoesthis pj set, this victorian jewelry box, and this pearl ring. I went with classic quality pieces that I'll wear and have forever. 

You can catch my solstice decorations here


This winter solstice is a super special one as I am spending it with my family on our first real vacation all together in a very, very long time: all four of us siblings, both parents, no phone service, beachside. We haven’t spent much time together recently with my brother out of college, sister in college, other sister in high school and my dad’s been working away from home the majority of the past year. We’re all getting to know each other as actual adults and it has been such a fun time. 

I’ve turned my sisters (and my brother) onto the Evan Healy green tea clay face mask I snuck in my suitcase. Nightly rituals have included face masks, a second dessert, lots of laughs and falling asleep to a movie.

Lots of sun means lots of post-sun care and zinc on the nose. 

I’ve been on the hunt for expanders and gobbling up any biography I can find or watch. I’m currently reading Patti Smith's Just Kids.

And although family time has been wonderful, I recharge with some alone time by escaping for a walk, bike ride or off to the room when everyone is gone and allowing myself to reflect on the past year and begin to get clear on what I want to call in for the new one approaching. 


This year has felt really stagnant day-by-day in some ways, but looking back, everything has changed pretty dramatically. Last year at this time, I was doing a job that didn’t light me up, I didn’t know what was going on with my health and was questioning whether it was all in my head, and was in a relationship with a person I loved but wasn’t the right fit anymore. Fast forward to now and I’m doing work that feels purposeful, I have a diagnosis and I’m healing, and I am intentionally single so I’m able to focus on my inner work. I’m spending this solstice time reflecting and working on my list for 2019. The DI that comes with the pre-sale of UPLEVEL has been so helpful for me finding clarity about what I’m calling in. 

I’m relishing tradition and ritual at this time of year— making Christmas Eve pancakes with my great grandpa’s recipe, baking all day with my mom and grandma to celebrate my favorite informal holiday (cookie day!), reading soul-filling books like this one instead of looking at my phone before bed, listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas Album on repeat, making mulled cider garnished with star anise in each mug, and burning piñon incense to feel like I’m in an old growth pine forrest at all times.

One of my favorite things to gift are unique calendars. For my design-obsessed friends, I love this Stendig calendar or this typography calendar. This Wabi-Sabi coffee table book is a perfect hostess gift. Gua Sha tools and this serum for my favorite women. 


Winter solstice magic is in the air - I’m feeling more grateful than ever due to all of the amazing things I’ve called in this year, including this internship. Having said, for the solstice I will be reconnecting and doing some shadow work in order to keep myself aligned with my authentic self during this hectic and emotional time of year, along with getting outside to enjoy the snow & (limited) sunlight.

I live in Alberta, Canada and am so fortunate to live really close to the Rockies, so I’ll be taking a drive to Banff this coming weekend in order to get into the holiday spirit, yay! I’ll be staying warm with this toque and this parka, because yes, it’s quite cold up here this time of year.

I’ll be preparing for Yule by lighting candles, reconnecting to my authentic self through writing, drawing & channelling a grounded feeling with the help of a few of my crystal friends - and most importantly, spending time with loved ones.

Lastly, this time of year can be difficult and emotional for some, myself included. So I’m wishing love and support to all who may be going through a trying time. I am so looking forward to an authentic & beautiful 2019 with this amazing community.


The winter solstice is truly one of my favorite times of the year. I was able to spend time this week with a lot of newer but super authentic friendships that I really cherish and want to continue to nurture into the New Year, so I’m spending solstice alone as a time to just relax.

I love starting with an epsom salt bath to decompress, especially after working out. One of my favorite things to add into my baths is dried rose petals. I love making a tea for after the bath using nettle, rose petals (again), rose hips, and holy basil! Super grounding and heart opening.

I’ll throw on my new favorite product from Evan Healy, the french rose clay mask. It’s really gentle and always makes my skin look super refreshed afterwards. Plus I love a face mask and epsom salt bath combo!

And my favorite thing on the whole planet to indulge in will forever be pizza. I love making it at home with this crust topped with as many veggies as I can. It’s gluten free, grain free, and the texture is totally amazing. I’m rewatching Battlestar Galactica from the beginning so I’ll throw that on with my pizza and call it an early night!


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