AFLOAT • How I Manifested Abundance

How I Manifested Abundance

For those of you not familiar with my AFLOAT series, this is for those who are right in the thick of your turbulent twenties, preparing for or perhaps reflecting as you’ve passed through. I thought it was just me, but then my friends, my brother, my peers and their partners all began to open up about their own struggles during this tumultuous decade.

Let this be a conversation between all of us as we figure out who we are, what we want and the new experiences along the way as we decondition the age-old rhetoric that these years will be “The Best Years of Your Life.”

As I’ve mentioned in this article, I used to live with some serious lack mentality. I had so many fears surrounding money, spending money and money disappearing that I skipped out on many memories during college, opting to work in my free time to make money. Yet, I never felt like I had any. I moved to LA after graduation with about 3k to my name. Enough to put money down for an apartment, but that’s about it. I had no job, but I knew this was my time and I was excited.

After taking the leap and crashing with a family friend for a few weeks, I landed a job through my soon-to-be roommate and we got an apartment - manifested an apartment, I should say: fully furnished, right in our price range and a 3-month lease to give us time to find our permanent apartment when we’d have the money to purchase some furniture and put down a safety deposit. I was borrowing a friend’s car for a few months, free of charge, so everything felt as though it was falling into place.

My job was technically part-time and I was babysitting and hostessing to supplement some extra cash, but it wasn’t nearly enough. I found myself with barely a few hours of downtime a week. My student loan payments began and I had to give back the car I was borrowing and had no money to get my own - which in LA is a considerable tribulation. This was not the life I had envisioned for myself in LA. My self-worth was low, anxiety high and I felt trapped. Ahh!. I began struggling to pay off my credit cards and soon slipped steeply back to my old lack mentality: fear, fear, fear. 


I kept asking The Universe “Is this normal? Are we supposed to struggle in our twenties?” I didn’t have the answers, but my intuition kept me believing that it wasn’t. 

I had a ping to quit my hostessing job. Even though the extra money was nice at the time, it was taking up too many of my hours I could spend focusing on developing my skills at my day job or resting. The ping got louder and so I finally followed it. A week later, I received a raise at work. A considerable amount that allowed me to finally lease a car and feel a little more stable.

The year carried on and the stress at work grew tenfold daily. I found myself no longer enjoying the work - which kept me up until past midnight, nightly. It became a toxic environment for me and my self-worth was seriously nearing zero. I was still struggling to pay off my credit card, my new rent and car. I felt suffocated. I was terrified to quit. Yet an opportunity came to do some freelance photography through a family I had been babysitting for and with that I had enough to support me to officially leave my job.

I really didn’t have much of a “Fuck You Fund,” but I was surviving on bridge jobs and was able to defer my student loans for the time being. I had also expanded myself to see that I didn’t need a solid salaried job to fall back on, yet instead I could focus on freelancing around my passions and actually make some money doing so. The freedom and empowerment I felt from finally stepping into my worth and leaving the job propelled me forward. A month later, I found the posting for a part-time position at Free & Native. It was exactly what I was looking for and was overjoyed when it became mine. I was soon able to release the bridge jobs that weren’t lighting me up and started to build up my savings, which boosted my confidence and helped me shed some of my lack mentality.

That was exactly a year ago and I am shocked at where I am now with all the work I have done.

I made a manifestation list in December 2017 detailing the major manifestations I wanted to call in in 2018. I wrote down everything I wanted to manifest career-wise, all of which materialized TO A “T” by July 2018, including salary which I also manifested to the exact number and have just calculated my 2018 earnings to be 20k more.

I can now see where I stepped fully into my worth, found freelance expanders that showed me you can and will make money doing what you’re passionate about, said no to opportunities that came my way that did not feel good, reprogrammed my lack mentality and fears surrounding money and abundance through many-a-DREs. I test my lack mentality by purchasing quality items that I authentically desire (ensuring I can also afford them), putting that trust into the Universe that it will all come back to me and some. 

It’s truly been incredible and I share this all to expand you - twenty-something or not - that we are not meant to suffer or struggle or settling for jobs that sink our self-worth, regardless of your age or circumstance. We can thrive and enjoy doing what we are most passionate about.

How I Did It

i. Listened to my PINGS • I quit when I had the PING to do so, making sure I had some sort of safety net.

ii. Learned what I could from the job I was in while I searched for bridge jobs •Although unhappy at work, instead of moping I took the time to fine tune skills and learn all I could to take into my next ventures. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something new.

iii. Stepped into my worth by quitting what wasn’t lighting me up •This took me awhile, but doing so made me feel empowered and also proved to the Universe that I believed I was deserving of more.

iv. Found EXPANDERS •Both fictional and peers to expand my subconscious - to “see to believe - that we can have abundance doing what we love, with freedom and choice.

v. Started focusing on savings • Finally having the money to start saving increased my confidence and gave me more support to say no to future opportunities that weren’t a Hell Yes.

vi. Took my lack mentality and fears through the DRE to unblock • I took these deep rooted fears and blocks through the DRE to break them apart and begin attracting more abundance.

vii. Tested my trust in the universe • I tested my trust by purchasing higher quality products (aligning with my authentic code) and rewarding myself with my authentic desires (while not overreaching my budget).

viii. Continue to say no to what doesn’t light me up • I keep clearing daily, ensure my energy is focused only on what does excite me and listening to where I can create more space, open up more portals for more to come through.

Now as 2019 rounds the corner, I’m looking to see where I can take my manifestations and abundance to the NEXT LEVEL. There is so much potential for us all and once we begin to UNBLOCK, step into our worth and trust, it will all materialize. For real.


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