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We’re so excited to announce that UPLEVEL is officially here! Launching today is our new 3-in-1 workshop that appeals to all: whether you’re stuck in a RUT, hitting a ROCKBOTTOM or looking to take your magnetism to the NEXT LEVEL. This workshop is specially designed to return to at anytime.

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If you find yourself in a Rockbottom it is because you have been calling in something big, but your worth isn’t fully aligned yet. The Universe is pushing you to align with your worth and authentic path so you can receive your manifestation. Rockbottoms force you to face your biggest fears: complete heartbreak, losing a job, financial bottom, social shame, losing someone close to you, etc. They are a gift and once we learn how to navigate the energetics of the situation at hand, we are able to progress to our authentic path and magnetic flow.


When we get stuck in a Rut, a cycle of negativity, bad habits, or generally trekking uphill in the mud, it is because we have strayed from our authentic path and our authentic code. Ruts are a gift as they arm us with the lessons and tools we need to find our path and discover our purpose. When we can reconnect and align with our authenticity, we can live out our purpose and call in what we authentically desire.


You’re in flow, manifestations have been coming through and you’ve been unblocking, but you know you have more to achieve, bigger manifestations to call in. This is Next Level: your goals are set high and your self-worth is aligned, but you don’t subconsciously feel fully deserving of what you are wanting to call in. The energetics of deservingness over worth are a faster and stronger pull, which allows your manifestation to arrive MUCH more quickly than if you simply just feel worthy of it. Once you navigate the energetics of deservingness, and unblock any shadow that is holding you back from being fully seen as who you authentically are, you’ll progress to our highest state of magnetism.

Each stage is a gift, teaching us the lessons and tools we need to fully align with our authentic path, live by our authentic code and discover our purpose.


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