AFLOAT • Manifesting Big Things with Little Resources

Manifesting Big Things with Little Resources

For those of you not familiar with my AFLOAT series, this is for those who are right in the thick of your turbulent twenties, preparing for or perhaps reflecting as you’ve passed through. I thought it was just me, but then my friends, my brother, my peers and their partners all began to open up about their own struggles during this tumultuous decade.

Let this be a conversation between all of us as we figure out who we are, what we want and the new experiences along the way as we decondition the age-old rhetoric that these years will be “The Best Years of Your Life.”

We’re thrown into the world post-school with the notion that it is ours for the taking. Freedom! But then we have rent, we have bills, car payments and small paychecks. The window for what we feel we can have shrinks each first of the month.

How can anyone lost in their twenties (or last really at any period of their lives) manifest something big with little resources? I’ve learned it has nothing to do with resources and everything to do with our subconscious worth and expansion, and our desire to UPLEVEL our own life.

In college I was a saver suffering from serious lack mentality in relation to money. I babysat days and nights, refused to purchase a thing and skipped out on spring break because I was too fearful to shell out the money for a trip with my best friends. It’s interesting looking back at that time now. I had more money saved than any of my friends (not that I was remotely rolling in dough), but I never allowed myself fun. I was constantly feeling down, I had no flow and, not to get all mellow-dramatic, I truly don’t have many memories or stories from that time of my life. I was in a RUT

Now, don’t get me wrong - saving money was not the cause of my rut. Saving is swell. It was the energetics of fear and lack mentality that kept my manifestations at bay. I had no trust. The rut lasted nearly all of the 3.5 years I lived as a student.


Until - I remember so vividly - I made my first big purchase. It was nearing the end of my last semester. I was graduating early and saw that Kate Spade was having a sale. I had never splurged on anything more than Steve Madden boots and yet something came over me that led me to buy a bag. It wasn’t about feeling a superficial need to have this designer bag (I ironically have STILL never used. It is pink.), but rather an overwhelming urge to face my fear of insecurity and prove to myself that I will be okay. I could have very well done this with a filet of salmon or a vintage coat. But, for me, a bag that made me feel adult was something I always wanted, but never allowed myself out of that fear and my own self-belief that I was unworthy.

Yet once I made that purchase life became a little less scary. I still had my savings. I was alive and breathing and babysitting two nights that week filled my bank account right back up. I was building trust. I had made a symbolic step towards UPLEVELING by getting myself something to commemorate my hard work, to prove to myself I am deserving of whatever I desire. Like clockwork, so many big manifestations came through. I was given free housing in DC indefinitely. I found out that a family friend had traveled around Asia on very little money and after chatting with him, I planned a solo trip around Europe for two months. My parents surprised me by getting my flight there because they had miles they needed to use. 

I did Europe remarkably cheaply and a summer nannying opportunity arrived as soon as I returned to supplement what I had spent. 

Our ability to manifest the macro has actually very little to do with our resources and nearly everything to do with our subconscious worth, how EXPANDED we are and how deserving we believe ourselves to be. I was in a RUT, you may be in a ROCKBOTTOM or in FLOW but looking to take your manifestations to the NEXT LEVEL. Although unknowingly at the time, I intuited my way to improving my circumstances by releasing fear and indulging in my values and recognizing my achievements. 

You all have the power to do the same. Here are some steps to manifesting macro with little resources:

i. Get clear on what big manifestations you want to call in. If you don’t feel ready for them or fully deserving of them, take these feelings through the DRE. What micro manifestations can you call in to prepare yourself for the macro in the meantime? 

ii. Take a moment to acknowledge your achievements, your efforts and the lessons you’ve learned regardless of what stage of life you’re in. We are always growing and learning, even when thrown into a rockbottom.

iii. Prioritize your values and make a conscious effort to prepare yourself for what you are calling in. If it requires monetary resources, start saving or calling in another job, or use UNBLOCKED Money to work through the energetics of money. Although money isn’t all we need to rely on for big manifestations, sometimes it is a vital part of the process.

iv. Use UPLEVEL to navigate your way to your most magnetic self and actively call in your biggest manifestations. 


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