Dwelling in Debt


You all have been so generous in sharing your triggers from the DRE Challenge on Instagram. We were so inspired, we decided to start breaking these triggers down for you as we transition out of the DRE Challenge.

A major trigger a lot of you shared was DEBT– fear of debt, stuck in debt, or suddenly experiencing debt. How do we shift out of this lack mentality and stop dwelling on the idea of debt?

The quickest way to overcome debt is by first opening income portals. Portals, as you learn in UNBLOCKED Money, are areas in your life where you can make space for money to come through. We all have the potential to open portals. No brainer extra easy portals could be driving Uber a few days a week, renting the extra room in your house, or renting your space as an office to someone while you are at work during the day. Use whatever talent that you’re really skilled at and be a consultant on the side helping others navigate what they don’t know. The possibilities are endless.

This is the second step to overcoming debt: paying it off. With new portals open, any extra income going straight to paying off your debt will get you closer to being free! Of course if it’s something with very low interest rates like school loans, those are something that can be done over a longer period of time but something with high interest rates, like credit cards, should be paid off quickly. Many people make the mistake of building up a large savings before paying off their debt. A savings with a small interest rate and credit card debt with a large interest rate is just setting you back. So allocate as much money as possible to paying that debt off first.

Thirdly, as you work towards clearing your debt - start taking note of what got you into debt in the first place. Some examples:

i. Does your job refuse to pay you what you’re worth? Perhaps you need to take inventory of whether your career is aligned with your authentic worth. Did you settle somewhere that doesn’t light you up in fear that you wouldn’t find something better? Take this through the DRE and join UNBLOCKED Money to magnetize more money to you.

ii. Are you spending more than your means? Are you using money as a way to escape, binge, or for exterior validation? Take this through the DRE to unblock the trigger that is causing you to find worth in the exterior. Shopping can feel like therapy when we are experiencing a rut or rock bottom. What is making you feel out of alignment? Was there a major life rock bottom or rut that caused debt to pile up? If so, and if you are still in it, you’ll want to take that through UPLEVEL.

We are all susceptible to experiencing debt and lack mentality, regardless of what stage of life we are currently living. Yet regardless of where we are, we all have the ability to overcome whatever debt we are experiencing by following the three major steps. Work through UNBLOCKED Money to further increase your understanding of the energetics of money and start magnetizing more to you.



Experiencing debt as a parent can feel overwhelming with the extra costs of childcare and extra pressure of needing to show up for our children amidst our own hardships. Working through the triggers that surface during this time using the DRE can help you navigate how you’re feeling and why. Start opening portals to make some extra money. If childcare is holding you back, try nanny-trading with friends. You can take care of a friend’s child when you’re home and they can take care of yours while you’re away - offering free childcare. Look for passive income portals by renting out space, selling items online or offering an online service you can do from home. Use this extra cash to start paying off your debt.


There’s no age limit to earning, despite the programming of retirement. Portals exist at every stage of life. Is fear of entering the workforce again holding you back? What triggers are coming up that are keeping you from embarking on a new path? Take these through the DRE to see where you can clear old limiting beliefs about money and start opening portals. You can start driving for UBER, or renting out extra rooms to AirBnb. Many passive income portals are available now with the integration of technology.

AFLOAT - Twenties

Debt in our twenties almost doesn’t feel real. Student debt is just a part of life nowadays, credit cards pile up as we’re nearly never taught how to manage our finances once thrown into the real world. Getting a head start on overcoming debt in this early stage of life can seriously set you up for a successful future. Income portals are readily available as we’re ripe with the energy and time. Take inventory of your passions and figure out how you can turn them into income opportunities. Do you like kids? Try picking up an evening babysitting job. Start freelancing on the side. Sell your art pieces on Etsy….the list goes on. Is something holding you back from seeking out portals? Take this through the DRE and start working through UNBLOCKED Money to begin playing with the energetics of money. Put all you can towards any debt to keep interest rates from adding thousands to what you owe. Freedom from debt is very possible, open your eyes to what portals exist in your reach! Once we pay off debt, we’ll have the freedom to build up a Fuck You Fund, unblock the lack mentality and focus on saving for our manifestations.

Don’t let debt hold you back from exploring your passions. You have the ability to turn these into portals. When we are aligned with our authentic worth and expanded, The Universe will send us what we’re calling in. 

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