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"NO" is one of the most important "actions" when it comes to this manifestation process. The word isn't nearly as important as the energetics behind it - carving boundaries, honoring self-perseverance, and a declaration of deservingness. That is why this simple little word creates such immense situational magnetism. I emphasize "action" for one can easily say the word but not carry out the energetic action behind it. An example of this would be to turn down a test but still continue to say yes to elements of the test. 

To reduce it down in simple terms, passing tests is the energy of leaving something that no longer serves you or not accepting/settling for the opportunities, items, and people that come into your life that aren't what you've asked for. 

I get the question over and over again, "how do I recognize if it's a lesson or a test?" I want to make this as simple as possible for everyone, as tracking energy can be confusing. As I heard on the Tim Ferriss Podcast (which couldn't have been more energetically perfectly summed up):

It's this clear: If it's not a "hell yes" then it is a "no." Truly, it's that simple. 

Maybe gets us into lesson territory. 

What if gets us into lesson territory. 

I'm not sure gets us into lesson territory. 

And lessons are beautiful things if you go down that road. They mirror our subconscious worth and our gaps in wholeness. It's how we learn. Think of children. The best gift we can give them is the gift of failing, falling down, or getting hurt. For they learn much quicker than a warning when they feel it and understand their own parameters. 

It's the same in manifestation. If you fail, fall down, or get hurt, it means that the lesson will integrate MUCH deeper. And you'll simply receive another test after. That's all. And tests are a gift because they are your marker for where your worth is or has expanded to. 

In manifestation, there is no good or bad. There is no punishment. There is only your best interest in place to guide you back into your wholeness, which is perfect, messy, beautiful, ugly, and in total completion, it's your authenticity. 

I know it's ever so easy to overcomplicate and get neurotic, for we're in a society that doesn't reinforce our intuition, but it's as uncomplicated as this: if it's not a hell yes, then it's a no. If you're in need of discovering what are no's in your life and how to navigate them, I highly suggest taking UNBLOCKED NO. 



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