#NATIVEweek No. 72


I'll take these pj's in every color, please! And the robe too. 

Next on the ol' booklist. 

My new FAVORITE face oil for dry skin. Keeps my skin dewy and moisturized for ages.

How the grooviest ayurvedic practitioner combats the flu

Healing ancestral karma

CAN'T STOP doing the besan that Amanda shared in the newsletter. Whoa, my face looks so bright and even. 

This hat is on the list. 

What daydreaming says about your brain. 

This sustainable dress designer is my new favorite everything. Every dress is one of a kind. 

The perfect lip and cheek (and eyelid). 



Foam rolling for alignment (what we need to reverse all those hours of sitting) with this video.

Eucalyptus in my car - subtle, natural air freshner

This mesh bag for market runs

Disposable cameras - this is how I found my passion for photography, and where it continues to grow.

This mustard (I have a Dijon obsession)

Soaked and dry-roasted macadamia nuts - perfect crunchy, healthy-fat-packed snack

These pants are on my spring list

Working hard for this ring

I found this poetry book in a box marked FREE on the side of the road. Ever inspiring to read such famous pieces.

Politically Correct Nutrition - living by this book as I continue my health quest

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips