Meals with Friends


Everyone around us - friends and strangers - has something to teach us. We were inspired by this truth and wanted to share all the pieces of knowledge / DIYS / hacks and fun-facts Lacy has picked up lately from our meals with friends IG stories series. Tune into @FreeAndNative Instagram stories for more from 'Meals with Friends'.

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EMILY • @bodhamodernwellness 

Listen: Science Vs. 

Read: this article

Do: Absolutely nothing on holiday. Be totally present and in the moment. No self-help. Just be. 

Use: this eye pillow


ALLY • @allylwalsh

Wellness tip: cold showers

Need: Sense of purpose and community are the answer to longevity and health. 

Lesson: Being homeless and nomadic is making her more social. 

Try: this CBD pen

Drink: this coffee.


JODIE • @jodiannebalfour

Eat: Petit Trios

Do: adopt a dog. 

Do: take a very slow morning. In bed. And don’t feel guilty about it. 

Watch: her episode in The Crown as Jackie O, and you'll be thinking, 'Natalie Portman who?'


BRITTA • @britta_beauty

DRINK: Four Sigmatic hot chocolate

GET: copper body brush “it literally flushed your aura.”

DO: facial cupping with Britta, “strongest de-puffing tool.”

USE: tuning fork on facial pressure points with Britta. “It softens tight muscles and fascia. It moves the lymph.”


MONROE • @dontbeafool

Book: Origin - Dan Brown 

Wellness tip: croissants and coffee 

Crypto currency: buy into Ethereum.

Get: these

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MEREDITH • @me_baird

TIP: the hardest thing about being a new parent is no alone time.

TAKE: everyone is all about CBD, but I think people need to get into Avena Botanicals Skullcap.

DO: Gurujas’ class on Sunday’s at RA MA.

Use: this coconut balm


LACY • @freeandnative

Do: CBD oil applied between the toes is just as effective as under the tongue, but sans the dehydration, red eyes, and hangover. 


LILA  • @lilaabell

Tip: Use lemons to reduce fever: cut a lemon in half and cover each half with a thin cloth. Place the sliced-side of the lemon against the bottom of each of your feet. Secure and cover with thick socks. 


AMANDA • @meamandac

Try: an Eye Cup, prescribed by Ayurvedic practitioner @juliebernier for people that work a lot on their computers. 


LINDSAY • @lindsaylegates

Tip: put turmeric juice on your face to brighten and reduce inflammation.




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