Introducing March • GROWTH


All great shifts in life, love, work and play are accompanied by feelings of discomfort and uncertainty: that is growth.

The 24-year-old that I am feels as if I'm in a perpetual state of growth. Each day is something new: new challenges, people, tests and opportunities. None of it comes easily and often I'm tempted to retreat to safety, to my comfortable, content and undeniably lost self. HELP. Digging deep into my BLOCKS and shedding my insecurities is terrifying and leaves me feeling vulnerable and scared. But without discomfort, there would be no change. It's like what all those hyper-motivated group exercise instructors shout right when you're about to give in to premature rest (we're all guilty):


"change happens outside of your comfort zone."


It's about pushing yourself to break down barriers of fear and learning to say NO to comfortable alternatives that have you sailing right back into your stagnant old-self. TRUST in the Magic Dark. I'm learning that growth struts hand-in-hand with trust. You must trust in your own ability to grow and in the power of The Universe to guide you.


This is when the most kismet possibilities come to life.

This is the most liberating concept I've learned as a young-twenty-something.


I've felt the contractions of growth and change intensely since the turn of this year. I've taken a few leaps of faith in the past, trusting in my shared power with The Universe that pain and growth will bring prosperity. And...surprise! has! But, each turn still carries the same weight of doubt and fear.



Think of a time when you were in transition and stepping into an unknown:

were you hesitant? fearful? fully trusting?

When you grew through your insecurities and uncertainties, did you experience abundance and clarity?


WORK • I recently quit my full-time job, which was really killing my spirit and came with one-too-many strings attached. I was terrified to leave, regardless of how miserable I was. I'm a people pleaser at heart and knowing I would put my colleagues in a difficult position leaving gave me enough anxiety to swallow my misery for months until I finally pushed through my fears and leapt into the darkness. Guess what? In that pain of facing the contractions of fear, I experienced GROWTH. I was able to show The Universe that I understood I was worth more than this job. My eyes finally opened to all the opportunities I could charge at full-force without the blinders of stress, anxiety and general negativity I faced daily. When I cleared that bad energy out, The Universe led me to Lacy, which has proven to be more magical than I could have imagined.

RELATIONSHIPS • I'm now just healing through the growth period accompanying a very new ending of my most serious relationship to date, someone who had become my best friend. I find myself battling the contractions of second-thoughts and wonderings: "Was this the right thing to do?" Change and growth do not come easily. They often arrives with darkness, pain and uncertainties that take a strong trust muscle.


Working through UNBLOCKED NO gave mE much-needed clarity and guidance during each of my major leaps.

The workshop reminded me that saying NO is the most powerful exclamation you can make, yet also often the most difficult. Say NO to old stuffy habits, fears, baggage that doesn't serve you.



LETTING GO • Growth requires letting go. Shed, liberate & let yourself free fall. I'm learning that the greatest joys and biggest opportunities always follow. You will only come closer to becoming your truest, most authentic self.

TRUSTING • Growth never ceases. It can feel especially overwhelmingly during hyper-transient times in our lives. If everyone experiences growth, why can we feel so alone in it? This topic isn't discussed nearly enough, so we've decided to dedicate March to building a conversation around change, discomfort and growth.

Tools for navigating growing pains & contractions



i. Journaling

ii. Spending time with people who inspire you

iii. self Reiki or a reiki session with a healer

iv. Sweat it out (I'm finding loads of therapy in weekly boxing classes)

v. Indulge in something you've dreamt of doing: take a cooking class, art class, weekend vacation


Are you GROWING?

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