Photo • Lila Seeley

Photo • Lila Seeley

I'm usually always covering how to cope with the journey of manifestation, trouble manifesting, or not manifesting, but what's been coming up a lot in my practice and in workshops is, "how do I deal with manifesting too much too quickly?" Let me start by saying, I hear you and I've been there, and this can feel unbelievably overwhelming. 

When some start this process and they dig in deep and their flow gets moving quickly, or they had just a couple of tiny things to UNBLOCK, or they had one shift to refine in their process, and all of a sudden many of their big manifestations begin flowing in at once, and fast, it can feel like too big of a container to manage. Especially if one's container has been believed to be small - and all they deserved - for a very long time. 


Some of the feelings that can arise:

Do I actually deserve this?

What if it all goes away or gets taken away?

How am I going to manage all of this? 

Everything and everyone are going to find out I'm a fraud...

Whoa, did I actually want these things? Do I have time for them?

Can I afford all of this? So much abundance is here now but what if it isn't in the future...



Let me explain what's going on.


One, you've activated quite a bit of expansion (and up-leveled worth); therefore, it's important to remember that everything is energy. This means that you are generating more energy than you have in the past, wider energy, higher energy, or you can look at it as if chakras that were blocked now have a lot more energy running through them. And sometimes it's a bigger container for our nervous systems to house. Especially when the loops of old low self-worth or limiting beliefs are taking a moment to fully alchemize and catch up with your shift in worth and expansion. 

A great way to put this, in the physical modern societal terms is... you're growing. That's all. And all growth has a moment of contraction. Remember when you were little and you'd get growing pains when your body was physically growing? Well now, you're simply experiencing energetic growing pains (metaphorically speaking)! 

Here's the deal, spirit is never going to send you what you can't handle or what you aren't worth. Period. 

So what should one do that is going through this? 



i. Getting quiet, meditate, reflect, surrounding yourself with your vision holders and supporters, routines and kundalini are great for strengthening your nervous system for all of this energy. 

ii. And something I'd love for everyone to do who is going through this is to open up conversation about this phase in the Facebook Secret Society, so that others who are on the other side of this can be another type of vision holder to expand you into knowing that you do deserve this, the bottom isn't falling out, and if something goes away, it was a lesson anyway and your better version of that manifestation is on its way. Share with each other how you grounded during this time, and reflect back to one another how fucking worth it you are! Also, for the others still on the manifestation journey, share the UNBLOCKED workshops that you did and the steps that you took to get to this point. Be an expander for the next. 

iii. Connect with that inner child in you that would have just played through this whole experience. The one that would have happily freely and trustingly fell into the unknown. And most importantly, thank spirit, source, whoever you connect with for you are being supported and they are co-creating with you at all times. 



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i. I've had "incredible quality oxfords that I'll cherish forever" on my list. Voila! Obsessed and will have forever, and ever and ever.

ii. A gifted trip to Milan, Uzés, Paris, and London.  

iii. This gifted spring lip

iv. And no joke!!! I've been wanting "bloomer" shorts for about ten years now. I have never been able to find them anywhere, so I was going to have some custom designed. Was just talking about this in NYC with Max. And I come to London and look what I findThe top to go with it. 


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