I Manifested A Stylist


Style was never a priority of mine. Sure, I oogled and oddled at cute, curated outfit inspo in magazines and online, but I never imagined it feasible for me to attain such fashion. I'm a minimalist and simplest at heart. Comfy jeans, plain 'ole T, and some way-too-old sneakers were my day-to-day (and day-to-night). No make-up and relatively unruly hair tied up tight in a pony. I expressed pride in my elementary style, but truthfully I was simply overwhelmed by the idea of adjusting my wardrobe, and totally intimidated. Where would I even begin? I knew I needed guidance, so I started putting it out to The Universe.

Please, Universe, lead me to a stylist.

Someone who understands simplicity and can help me to feel more empowered in my closet.

Low and behold, she came. I was searching on Craigslist for some freelance jobs, something I don't do all too often, and happened to catch a posting - someone offering their free services as a personal stylist. Before long, we had met, totally hit it off and the next week she was weeding out my closet. I told her my ultimate style goal was to dress my age and in turn feel great, want to go out more often, and exude confidence (at least a few more ounces). Brandi was just as patient and stern as I needed her to be. Out went about 75% of my closet to donation piles. After the lengthy - at times, painful - closet cleansing, came the shopping. She helped me pick out some style staples and strong pieces to integrate into nearly any outfit. 

I didn't realize until after she had left, leaving behind polaroids of outfits and some strong style advice, how much of an impact she had made on my life. I'd never considered fashion to be a part of who I am - yet I was very wrong.

Fashion is a source of power, self-expression and confidence.


I was taken aback by how truly feeling strong in my style and desiring to look good made me instantly brighter, more outgoing and got me out of the comfort of my apartment. I want to strut down the streets of LA and spend hours in a busy coffee shop because I'm proud of the image I'm making of myself in the world. Sometimes it's just the new shoes I finally feel "worthy" of wearing, a favorite scrunchy accessory, or the new watch that makes me feel grown-up. 

You don't need a stylist to empower yourself and curate your own self image.

Start implementing these simple style rules Brandi has passed along to me and you'll be strutting down city streets in no time.

i. Love every piece of clothing in your closet • If there's something you don't wear, but "might one day," donate it or sell it. Free up space for something you want to wear every day. Or have a clothing swap gathering with your friends. One person's old garb is another's treasure.

ii. Invest in a few staples that make you feel like you • Maybe that's a watch, a jacket, sunglasses. Make your staple pieces your best pieces. You'll wear them the most and feel pride in doing so.

iii. Work with proportion • Choose looks that are either short over long or long over short i.e. cropped jacket over a knee-length shift dress, or long jacket with skinny pants.

iv. Choose the right shade • Depending on the color of hair and eyes. Stick to a max of three colors in an outfit.

v. Play up basics • A plain t-shirt with an ornate jacket so it can take center stage.


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