Remedies For Growth From Our Favorite Curers

We've shared a lot about GROWTH and moving through the contractions of GROWTH this month. As we celebrate the last week of this theme, we thought we would ask some of Lacy's favorite CURERS (healers, teachers, expanders and thinkers) to share how they move through the sticky - and at times, painful - periods of GROWTH.

You may recognize some of them from our Saturday CURERS series on Instagram Stories! Keep watching every Saturday for a new CURER feature.




Jenna zoe

Human Design reader@jennazoedaily

By shutting the world out and not leaving my home for as long as I feel I need. I put on some sound bath music and stare at the ceiling - thats my cue to The Universe that I’m open for the business of receiving 'aha' moments.




Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 9.27.41 PM.png

Bri Braggs

founder of Fertile Alchemy • @fertilealchemy

It’s really important that I allow myself the space and time for stillness and reflection. This looks like more time alone so that I can be with my own energy, more time in nature, as well as paying attention to subtle signs and messages.

Just like a plant needs to be repotted when it has grown too big for the pot it’s in, sometimes doing something new is helpful. A switch up in routine, a trip, working somewhere new, trying a different activity, doing something truly inspiring. All of this will put me in a more expansive space.

Being mindful of the energy I’m around is also really important. It’s much harder to grow when you are surrounded by stagnation and complacency.



Katie dalebout

Author / behind the Podcast: Let it out@katiedalebout

Right now I’m in a period of major growth with my work specifically. I tend to grow in sprints where I'll be super hyper focused on work and creation with many little pockets of self-care and nourishment throughout to keep me holistically well. Those practices are my dangling carrots during my creation period, a facial here, a dinner date with a girlfriend there, a longer walk etc, anything outside of my daily non-negotiables, which for me are TM meditation + some movement. These are weeks where I'm working more, interviewing, and creating—my output is high. Then I rest hard after those sprints where my creative output is low, yet my inspiration is high. When I rest, I'll truly rest. I'll shut down technology for the most part, stop working, and actually allow myself some stillness and presence. I’ll see movies, wander, travel, and explore my city. My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, which actually works well with this for now. When we’re not together I’m in creation + self-care mode and when we are together I’m in relaxation + decadence (I’m a Taurus, hi) mode and it feels like a vacation. 



Michelle pellizzon

founder of Oh Holisticism@betterbymichelle / @holisticism

It really depends on the type of growth! This past year I really stepped into my own emotional independence in a really interesting way, and I found that I needed to be immersed in cultures that I was unfamiliar with. So traveling by myself for a few days or weeks has been quite important. I’m lucky that I’m a writer and consultant, so I can sort of relocate for a few days whenever I need to.

For more of the icky, sticky, day-to-day growth, I’ve relied heavily on allowing people to truly see me and offer my support from their perspective. Most of my life I’ve considered myself a self-soothing introvert with, like, 3 or 4 ride-or-die friends. I’d eat lunch in the bathroom in middle school. LONER!  But I’ve really started to value my radical female friendships over the past few years. I’m blown away by the conversations that blossomed through the community at oh holisticism. Somehow, all of these amazing, inspiring women have come together in a place where we can have honest, funny, sad, deep, joyful, true conversations. They are all so open, and so brave, and earnest, and honestly so fucking cool. Friends, who support the deepening of each other’s consciousness? Uh, hi, that’s dope. I cannot think of anything more divinely supportive.


stevie_van horn

Stevie Van horn

zero waste activist behind trading waste for adundance • @stevieyaaaay

I can associate times of growth with times of hardships and being uncomfortable. In these hard moments, I feel like my brain has understood that it's felt this way before and autonomically creates a gentle list of all the things that I've grown to love and feel comforted by previously. It recalls my love for nature, baking, painting and creating a safe space to just sit, reflect, and feel the waves. By making the time to immerse myself and participate in these lovely things, I feel like it creates almost a trunk of strength and support to continue my growth in whatever it is I'm experiencing at the time. Making room for this is essential to my growing process!



Mariana orkenyi

Meditation teacher / Founder of Communal • @_communal_

A teacher once told me "practice when it's easy", these words really stayed with me, especially when it comes to being consistent.

I find support through a daily meditation practice, long walks, cooking, putting extra attention and care to the people around me, warm teas and when it's possible, some alone time so I can lean into what the experience is presenting, without too much judgment and attachment (if possible). Overall, I'm trying to be very gentle and supportive to process my emotions. There's a practice on mindfulness used to help us deal with our emotions, which is called RAIN (R=Recognize, A=Accept, I=Investigate and N=Non Identify) when we create the space to explore what's coming up knowing where our center lies, we grow, we expand. Lastly, I'm constantly bringing myself to the present moment. When I'm in the present moment, there's a sense of freshness, stillness, of center. My thoughts are not racing between past and future, projections and conditions. There is a calm and certainty that, right now, all is well and all is how it should be.



Alle weil

Founder of Flora ex Machina / Royal Ghee • @floraexmachina

Though we are working towards our goals and in what feels like the right direction, times of growth and change can be some of the most stressful stages. I’ve made it a point to focus on self-care first and foremost in these times. This was a hard lesson to learn for me. I’m my toughest critique and those days when I feel like I’m just hitting my head against the wall willing for ideas to come are the days when it’s especially important to give myself a break and be reminded that this is just not how the creative process works. One of the perks of working for yourself is that you can schedule your work day around your own needs which is such a blessing when you wear as many hats as I do.

This flexibility is so incredibly important for me and I have worked my own rituals, routines, and needs into my workday based around the ups and downs I feel over the course of the moon cycle and my own patterns during creative projects when I need to stay focused and grounded. At the same time, I find it important to schedule and plan my goals and deadlines. The same upside to working for yourself can also be the biggest snag – no one is holding you accountable but yourself. Every week I lay out the week ahead, down to meals, because the last thing you want to be thinking about when you are pulled so thin is how you are nourishing yourself.

I’m still learning, but I find I need at least 8 hours of quality sleep a night, starting the morning with my breakfast ritual and some form of exercise or meditative work, and then downtime where I can both organize for day/week ahead and reflect on the accomplishments of the day. A soothing thc/cbd oil bath before can also do wonders. On those days when I do find myself staring at a wall unable to call to the words or creative energy I need, I’m beginning to allow myself to ask what I do need to get there and do that instead. I’ll come back to the task at hand with more energy and usually 10 more ideas than I had previously.

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