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Welcome to our new series, "What's In My __________." Or, "What's On My ____________." So much wonderful expansion has been happening here around FN, and it can feel confusing to our community that have been following solely me for years now. So it's important to me that you get to know the awesome new women working beside me, who are helping to elevate Manifestation and this community. Why? Because I'm a Leo rising, so I see everyone in my life as my family. If you're in my life, your part of my fam. From readers, to friends, to CURERS, to FN teammates. So if we're all one big family, then we should get to know one another. Plus, the women on my team are chock full of fantastic wellness finds, so we can all learn from them - as we have from Lila lately

Every Tuesday and Thursday, we'll have these more intimate smaller posts that each of us on the team are going to rotate through weekly! I'm kicking off this week! Here goes...


Yo, I'm a Cap moon, so my bag is usually very organized with a lot of extra space where I can toss in a book or a sweater or a scarf pending on where I'm headed out to. The only things that make the cut are my absolute essentials. 

WALLET • my favorite, which was actually a Christmas gift to Max last year from his family but he's such a Virgo that he didn't feel quite done with his old, current wallet, so I get to use this one until he's ready. 

CBD • by now, you guys have heard me go on and on about CBD while I'm in LA. It's just far too stimulating (and sunny) for me now. It makes me feel extra pitta/vatta, and that I have to be constantly doing something. This has been the vape pen that I carry around for chiller car rides. 

BITTERS • for better digestion on the go. So that I have more even blood sugar levels. A couple of spritz of this pre-meal or post! 

TEA • You'll always find a tea bag in my purse, for I prefer herbs to water so that I absorb more minerals! 

REISHI • While in NYC for a month, having a solo getaway in the Catskills, I popped into the health-mart in Woodstock only to find myself have a full body gravitation to Four Sigmatic Reishi. I mean, I haven't drunk their mushrooms since they very first launched and sent me some, so it was bizarre. But I listened to my body and began to drink one a day. As a treat, and to stay cozy in the cold. To my astonishment, within two weeks, my blood sugar levels began to even out more than they had on anything else I've tried. Now it's to the point where I hardly have to eat as much animal protein and I can go longer times without eating. I try to stay on the every 2-3 hour protein schedule; however, this is allowing me to not have a crash if I don't. I'm also able to eat more treats (unrefined sugar), which was 1,000% out of the question even just two months ago! So I'm on a real FS reishi bender RN. 

LIP • what is always most populated in my purse are lip things. I ALWAYS have my lip moisturizer, and then I'll usually have a couple of different shades to rotate between pending on what outfit I'm wearing. Bold lip colors go a long way for me, for I use them on my cheeks, lip, and a tiny on my eyelid! 

SUNNIES • I ALWAYS have shades. And these are the most consistent ones right now! 

FACE • I'm the driest person on the planet, so I always try to have some form of moisturizer in my purse! 


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