Salt • Clearing


As we move through this month of CLEARING, we've found it impossible not to share with you the magical clearing properties of sea salt. This mineral can be an added agent for clearing your superstitions and clearing your space to clear your mind. Sea salt can also stand on its own as a potent energy clearer, energizer, and purifier

There are plenty of ways to incorporate salt's magical clearing powers into your every day, whether you live near or far from the sea.

here are some of our favorites

BY YOUR BED OR IN THE CORNERS OF YOUR ROOM • Fill a small bowl with sea salt and water and place by your bed to clear out bad spirits or hold them at bay. You can also place these bowls in corners around your home to clear out negative spirits from your living space.

BATH • Add mineral salt and baking soda to your bath for clear your aura and rejuvenate your energy. Even a simple foot soak can have lasting effects. Salt baths are best prescribed when you're feeling lethargic, cloudy-headed, anxious or upset.

BEACH • Walk barefoot through the sand at the beach for a healthy dose of negative ions and EMF release. Negative ions are created by nature when air molecules break apart and exist in abundance in environments by the sea. These broken molecules are believed to have the power to uplift your mood and clear your energy. Wiggling your toes into the sand can also be very grounding if you're in need of some earthly stability. Salt lamps are believed to emit negative ions.

THE OCEAN • Dip your crystals in the ocean to recharge and cleanse their energies. and dip your head under water for similar benefits. The salt content in the water is a potent cleanser and can lift your mood, drain dark energies from your aura and reenergize your spirit. Dip yourself in the ocean for 20 minutes to get your mineral fill up and clear your energy! 

Our favorite sea salt clearing accessories

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