A Conscious Spring Afternoon



I've been in full swing with clients these last few weeks and after I wrap for the day, I have to do some deep decompressing and coming back into my body. A spring afternoon has looked like this. 

free-and-native-spring-living room-lacy

DRINK • 1 packet of reishi1/4 ashwagandha, a scoop of gelatin, 2 tbs of coconut butter in a mug. Pour hot water over and stir.

DROP • a couple of these drops in your diffuser.

BURN • a strip of this or one of these

LISTEN • to this, here

WEAR • shirtjacketpantshat 

READ • The Secret Society Book Club Book or Where Are You Going

DO • walk barefoot in your yard, favorite park, beach, or hike, find your favorite bench, and meditate, or do the DAILY REPROGRAMMING in the How to Manifest workshop, or read. 


ALLOW • all of your thoughts to surrender, all of your stress to surrender into the ground, and let your heart feel. Anything that is coming up. Don't attach to a thought, just feel until you have let it go. Even if it's uncomfortable, gently lean into it.  Then I'm refreshed and present for the rest of the evening. 

RELAX • In these pj's because they are really the best ones I've EVER had. Along with the matching robe. Spring/Summer everything! 


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I've picked up a few habits as I work to develop routine and clear out anything unnecessary from my daily do's. A spring afternoon looks something like this.


DRINK • I gave up coffee over a month ago (shocker to anyone who knows me well), and have been super turned on to Four Sigmatic Lion's Mane. I either drink it stirred into warm water, or I mix it with matcha and collagen if I need an extra pick-me-up.

DROP • some orange essence into my glass of water. Only a little or it can give you a headache. 

BURN • super obsessed with energizing incense lately. I burn it by my desk while I work when I hit a slump in the afternoon. My go-to right now is Bodha Refresh.

LISTEN • depends on what I'm working on. Most often, I'll zone out to a playlist I'm digging on Spotify. Really into those slow jams lately. Or I'll plug into a podcast - on an Almost 30 binge right now.

WEAR • something super comfy. I can't get enough of slouchy jumpsuits, like this one, and oversized jean jackets


READ • indulging in a book in bed is my favorite slow afternoon. I've been cycling a through a few, but always come back to anything Thich Nhat Hanh.

DO • stroll. Nothing like an afternoon stroll. Sometimes I choose a busy neighborhood and zone out people watching and window shopping; sometimes I opt for a quiet stretch of beach. Whatever you're craving, go for it.

ALLOW • When I'm having writers block or an energy slump mid-afternoon, I'll allow myself a few moments to sit, regroup and empty my mind. Allowing myself moments of quiet in the middle of a busy day has been the best cure.

RELAX • sinking into a bunch of pillows and lounging in this robe.

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