Introducing Possibility • May


I've begun channeling the next UNBLOCKED workshop, which will launch in June. It centers on taking personal magnetic inventory - of course always - however, this workshop is going to be specifically geared towards those of you who have done the reprogramming UNBLOCKED work and are now needing more physical, daily tools that you can use in the conscious state to keep you deepening your authentic power of magnetism. This workshop is going to be called POSSIBILITY! Why? Well, much like we've been processing the themes on the blog; cleansing, growth, clearing... they've all been creating space for the space of possibility. It's when you clean your house, rearrange your house, and now you are left with empty space to step into a greater more authentic version of you and allowing that space to fill with your manifestations! 

That's exactly what we'll be focussing on this month: the space for the potential that you've all been creating. The space of possibility!

I'm currently in a space of possibility and the sweetest little pleasures have found their way in. 


This dress.   

This hammock (which I've been truly spending most of my days living my best projector life inside of this thing)! 

These hand towels to accent our newly designed bathroom (aka my sanctuary - see that was a potential because of all of the space for the possibility that I created. It all came together so magnetically and so affordably!)

This Donabe that Max's mom literally gave us out of thin air because she doesn't have a gas stove. It's been on my list for a loooonnnngg time! And we can't stop cooking macrobiotic food in it! 

This book, because my spirit baby kept communicating the Pleiadian clues to me through my spirit baby communicator



This camera bag for hopping around from job to adventure.

Hanging travel posters in my bedroom, even if they're a little cheesy. I've gathered a few from flea markets and some online. Filling my space with bits of what inspires me most!

Rekindling my love for Birkenstocks since Hawaii - best for walking from sidewalk to sand to sea.

These easy breezy comfy pants for strolling, working and lounging.

David Mamet's Writing in Restaurants whenever I need a brief pause.


To round out clearing, it's important that we take a few moments to chat about last month's Secret Society Book Club book, Anatomy of The Spirit, which couldn't be more in alignment with my manifestation formula for those dealing with physical ailments and illnesses. Why, because her belief is that due to BLOCKS we've picked up along the way, that have hurt our spirit and energy, we developed physical ailments out of them. Duh! And, this book gives a wonderful outline of how, why, and some tools to chew on how you can set yourself on the path to healing them. We don't just suggest these books flippantly. We suggest them so that you can take your manifestation practice and tools MUCH deeper! SO READ THE BOOKS, and comment below one tool or takeaway that you blew your mind from this book! 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 3.56.06 PM.png

If you haven't read last month's Book of the Month....

Manifestation with Lacy Phillips