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It was so wonderful answering everyone's questions at CAP Beauty last weekend, and you guys asked an hour and half worth of FANTASTIC Qs! I'm beyond grateful for this community and I really can't think of a better way to support all of you (at once) than SUPPORTED. Therefore, it's important to us to film and post my public Q&A's in SUPPORTED when possible to take your practice deeper and remove the grey area in your manifestation process. It's also something to chew on while you await the first SUPPORTED video (launching on 4.16). 

Here's a little preview of the event below

Q1 • "When I'm doing the Deep Imagining, I'm getting more of a feeling instead of an image. Am I still on the right track?"

Q2 • "How does physical energy and feeling energetic in your body have an effect on manifestation?"

Q3 • "When I start noticing synchronicities, I feel like I'm blocking the manifestations from coming through. Is that a thing?"

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We'll get started and go ahead and just start raising your hands and I'll just cruise around the room on intuition of where I think I need to answer questions. 

Everybody, go ahead and raise your hands. It can be anything about your practice about manifestation and we'll just get this rolling. So feel free to raise your hands.

Don't be shy. Yes I got you

Q1 • Yes, I've been working on manifestation since January and now I'm starting my practice when I do the deep imagining, I'm getting more of the feeling instead of the image. Am I still kind of on the right track, like, the last time, I guess, for example, I got, it felt like an anxious feeling where you just want to scream out.

Then I felt like I unblocked it, I felt relieved, like, is that still kind of along the same lines of doing something-

You're doing it totally right and I'm glad that you asked that because I'm sure that many people question their process of the deep imagining in here. Am I doing it right, or, when I was young I blocked out a lot of memories so nothing's coming up. There's no real wrong way to do it aside from falling asleep, which is still even kind of doing something.

It's obviously showing you that your nervous system is very tired; there's a lot coming up for you, you need that rest but I just encourage you to re-do it.

However, the question here is that more than images, you're getting feelings and so just to kind of, in a more rapid, scientific way of telling you why that's happening and if anybody in here practices any somatic therapies, or is familiar with somatic therapies, any trauma we have or shame or pain, lives in our bodies. It lives in our nervous system.

The fact that you're able to tune in to what you're feeling but not so much the clarity of what's associated with it, but then you're feeling like, "I just need to do this and I moved through it." It's kind of similar to anybody who's ever done TRE, Trauma Release Therapy.

It basically makes your body have a reaction from getting so shaky that it kind of releases all of the stuff out of your nervous system but in your mind you have no association with what's happening and your mind can be totally blank while doing it but you have a very good release.

It's just as therapeutic and it's just as important.

So, what you're doing is totally fine and you may even find that you'll start to get the clarity of what that is in your dreams later or you're driving and zoned out, it can come up two months later where you're like, "Ah I think that, that one feeling was associated with this."

Don't you're doing it great. It's perfect, it's just as effective and your moving stuff around; it was kind of making you feel out the body intelligent level held back so great question. Thank you.

Yeah. Anybody else? Yeah.

Q2 • How does, I don't think you've touched on this before, not that I've seen. How does physical energy and feeling energetic in your body, deal with, have an effect on manifestation?

Tell me an example of maybe something that's coming up if it doesn't feel too personal.

So I used to have, I still have it a little bit, but I used to have a lot of fatigue all the time. It's gotten better but it like you're tired all the time, does that block manifestation?

No, not at all. I don't believe so, coming from someone who asked the question is if you have fatigue going on in your body or let's jus go full spiritual bypass. If your vibration's not feeling good will that block your manifestation? If you're tired?

No, I don't believe it that has any-

Some of the points that I've had the most ailments in my body is when I've manifested the most things. 

If you look at the Kundalini front of it, they have a whole belief system that when you're upgrading or you're expanding, you need to strengthen your nervous system for it. 

For me, Kundalini, I can only practice maybe a couple times a week, it's a little airy and makes me a little too out of my mind.

I personally don't believe your vibration affects that. I believe it's more what you're projecting from, sure; a body level and a subconscious level but only a ratio to low self worth is kind of that. 

If you're tired because you have stuff going on in your body or you're exhausted with work, I mean it's obviously signaling that there's something up that's not in alignment in your life and so look at that but I don't think that, that particularly blocks anything.

So, I think that's a great question for people who are like "Ahh, I'm not happy and I don't have energy, I'm not in frequency" or any of that so don't worry.

Good question, that's a great question.


Thank you so much for being here.


Q3 • So I've noticed that in my manifestations in the class there's synchronicities with all of them and I feel like when I track the synchronicities I've gotten myself into kind of a sticky situation where I'm blocking the manifestation from coming through.

So, for instance, the last three jobs I've gotten, I've gotten the call on a Friday, that I got them and there's all these other little synchronicities and now it's like, Friday comes around, I'm like, "Am I gonna get the call?", or if it's like Wednesday it's like, "I'm not gonna get the call 'til Friday", to where I feel like I'm blocking myself from actually calling what I want, is that a thing?

It's totally a thing.

I think anybody that's been in spiritual world, like, for a long time, might not have been spiritually, like, seeking forever; I believe that so much superstition arises from that.

A lot of what these folks are talking about, in my opinion, aren't wrong, but they're not giving you tools on how to reach something so when we're meeting about being in the moment and floating is what brings your stuff to you.

It's like, "Okay great but someone who comes from shit and I have a job I hate and I'm in the real world" like, how do you do that?

You know, so, we can pick up a lot of these things like, "Ah I'm doing things wrong" or you can pick up a lot of superstitions, but, the way that I wanna answer to that, and there's a post coming out on this Monday, is, I think it's really beneficial, because we're all so unique and so authentic; to go back and look at our patterning for when we have manifested.

That posts on Monday and we'll talk about going back and looking at times when you've really forced, and you obsessed, and you controlled and then whatever happened intermittently, util you actually manifested your version of that thing; starting to learn our own patterning becomes, I dunno, your own syllabus. 

You own syllabus for how you navigate life in a really flowing, clear way. However, when we start attaching to patterns that we've done, it's another form of trying to control an experience to happen.

It's not that it's blocking you, that's not the case, it's just it's; I call it OCD. That's why I like to drop all those things. I like to have a knowledge of patterning and how I work and how my manifestations have worked but I certainly don't like to harbor on that.

Maybe your lesson right now is to be over-controlling and get kind of bummed so many Friday's in a row. We go, "No, fuck it, I give this up" to let; not that, that's going to create your flow again or anything, it doesn't determine your flow or blocks or anything. 

It is going to allow you to start to understand that feeling.

How many people in here who are my very quick manifestors, and manifest a lot, who can feel when their manifestation's about to come. They intuit and you're like, "Ohh, I just got that feeling."

Yeah, the beauty of when you start to tune into that, and I like people to get their heart broken a few times like the Friday when you don't get the call enough to where you're like, "Ohh I'm not gonna pay attention to this." But, some Friday down the road you're gonna get the call and a feelings' gonna come that's attached to it or a smell; there's so many different ways that we process our intuition, with our eight senses not just the five.

That's going to be far more important than that call on Friday and you're gonna start to learn and you'll continue to feel when it's coming. 

It's not blocking you but run into the fire. Keep expecting, get your heart broken, control it, whatever, until you finally let it go.

Until you can tune into that feeling or smell or dream, however you process your intuition because we all are incredibly intuitive, and if we all have been raised in a way that really aligns with our authentic self and really allow us to develop that we're right and to listen to us and not to follow a societal programming, we would be far more in tune with our own intuition.

That's the thing to kinda pivot the focus too.

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