#NATIVEweek No. 75 • Mental Checkout


I hit my wall last week. Aquarian projectors needs a looooooooot of time to rest and be alone. And Aquarians need a looooooot of freedom. I felt as if I had pressures pushing down on me from all sides and I found myself on the couch crying at 9p telling Max that, "I need to escape." It had nothing do with him but my channeling had shut off. There was no space for the information to come through - i.e. I wasn't properly emptying out according to my design which you'll learn all about on Monday in SUPPORTED by Jenna Zoe. 

free-and-native-lacy-phillips-palm springs

One of my ovaries had literally started spasming on the Thursday before and hadn't stopped. Every healer and western Dr. alike I've seen has told me that if I want to really heal my endocrine, I have to slow way down. Here I was. My literal rock bottom metaphorically crying on the ground. My hard way of always learning. And so it was settled. Max had to head to Portland on Monday and Tuesday for business and I was off to Palm Springs by myself (well, with Barley but she's sort of like an appendage). 


I didn't want anything fancy. Or anything chic. I wanted my cheap old stomping ground from twenty-six where I used to go and party in ways I won't even share. I wanted my old escape comforts sans the unhealthy habits and company, at ACE Hotel. I told max that we should not talk for the two days in order to experiment with polarity. I deleted Instagram and emails from my phone. I burned sacred tobacco and cut all cords from my third eye and I fucking CHECKED OUT! 


Here's What I Took and Learned: 

i. I packed the Catalina with two outfits, my old beat up VANS, and a bathing suit. 

ii. I ordered cleansing foods from room service every meal and I got one massage a day. 

iii. I lived by the saltwater pool and hydrated with Simple Tonics Nettle and Oatstraw. Which I'm now super obsessed with. 

iv. I rested, rested, and then rested more. 

v. I snacked on macadamia nuts and I began taking Super You by Moon Juice (which is rather effective).

vi. I meditated twice daily and rested in bed naked reading the very out there Pleiadian Agenda

vii. I castor oil-packed and I bemered

And then guess what happened? My channeling came back. Stronger than ever. New ideas formed and a lot of new and exciting things are coming from us! Motivation in motion again. When I saw Max, I was even more attracted to him than in the beginning. 

Point of the post is that everyone needs Mental Health Checkouts. Even if it's camping for free for those with budgetary restrictions. So I'm going to do them a lot more and report back on how I'm doing them.


Know someone who needs a reminder to slooooow down?

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