Manifestation Is A Heavier Energy Than "Think Positive"


The energetics behind what the universe is doing when you are manifesting. 

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A lot of you have watched the first video on frequency. If you haven't, go and click back now and watch that. But one thing I want to talk about today to somebody who's just stumbling into this or hasn't had a lot of manifestation experience, or maybe you have, and you have all this superstition that's floating around you, one thing to be really clear on, I have a gift where I can see energetics. Not physically see it, but I just know when this happens, this will follow.

I want you to start to understand that your energy, your vibration you're putting off isn't actually doing anything when it comes to manifestation. For instance, if you're trying to really control something by thinking positive, that frequency or vibration isn't really doing much.

When you're looking at the energetics of manifestation, or when I am, it's a little bit more heavy than that. An analogy I like to think of, it's like moving mountains out of the way to allow something to come through. Usually, it's less about you. Some of it's about you for sure. On the subconscious plane, you have to be expanded enough. You can learn about that in the How to Manifest Workshop. On the subconscious plane, you need to be projecting worth. Those are two components that you have control over that decipher your energy, but not so much the control over thoughts or how I'm feeling right now is going to make something happen. It's a little bit heavier than that.


If we're looking at things that are outside of the spectrum of what you're subconsciously projecting, it's actually heavy energy that the universe and you are co-creating together to move a mountain in order to let something come through, which tends to be more of things in your physical that aren't aligning with your authentic self.

For instance, if you are up for a job you've been wanting and you're so close, and you start to go, "Okay, I'm going to think positive. I already have this job. I'm going to visualize myself in this job," that's technically not doing anything but wasting your energy and time. You can do that. Again, it's not controlling or deciphering what's happening in your manifestation.

What's actually really going on is are you expanded enough on the subconscious plane? Are you in a subconscious belief? Again, that's when you're down in hypnosis, you'll really know the answer to that, something you can do through the daily reprogramming exercise. Are you in a subconscious belief that you're worth this position, because that's all you have control over.

Then outside of that, it becomes exterior things. Is there something physically in your life that's blocking you, like a relationship that makes you small. Do you have physical blocks in your life, a lot of stagnation of physical items in your life that are keeping you really stagnant and closed, like having a dome over you.

That's something I wanted to clarify in this video. It might still sound a little abstract, but I just really want to sink home the notion of demystifying. You're not actually controlling anything by being positive or being negative. None of it matters. It's all happening on a subconscious plane, but even on a grander scale with the universe, it's actually heavy physical, like getting weights out of your way.

That doesn't have to be totally in the physical realm. It doesn't just have to be a relationship, or this, or that, or a friendship that's blocking. It can also be more of energetic heaviness that surrounds you, again, things you haven't processed from your childhood that are really holding you back. That's something you would work through and reparent.

Who gives a fuck if you're positive or negative when you're up for that job, or out for that relationship, or about to get that apartment? It doesn't really matter.

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