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Our new series, What Would Lacy Say. In this particular instance, WWLS to a blast from the past (a.k.a a test)?

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So you've been doing the work, you are feeling really good and in your power, but all of a sudden you are starting to feel blasts from the past. These are called tests when you're manifesting, and it's very, very common, say you're calling in a new partner, but all of a sudden you have your ex that cruises back in, and he's like, "I miss you, I think you're so great." All things you want to hear, except for the one thing you want to hear, which is, "I want to commit, and I really want to commit with you." What do you do? You pass them.

These are called tests for a reason, because the universe is looking to make sure that you won't settle for what you did in the past, which was low self worth, right? You were in a relationship where you really desired something, he couldn't give it to you, or she couldn't give it to you, and all of a sudden now you're really trying to own that you want something greater, that full commitment. You're going to have blasts from the past come.


So here's the deal when you're passing tests; I don't care what you say to them, it's more important the energetic behind it, which is an energetic that you're communicating to the universe, "I won't settle for this again."

So there's a few things you can say. You can say, "Oh, so great to hear from you, hope you're super well." And then just drop it off at that, right? That's the less conscious communication way you can go about it while still being nice, but not giving in, or any innuendos to what they want, and just putting them off to the side but being pleasant.

Now, if you're the person who's still really hoping that they're going to come around, I don't suggest that, because for you, you don't have the willpower. So it's going to rekindle those thoughts in your mind of like, "What if? It's the perfect person. We could have the ..." Whatever. Think of Bridget Jones, dun dun da dun, no. So that's one way you can go about it is just being very lackadaisical and kind.

Second way you can go about it is a really hard no. "I think you're really wonderful. I'm looking for something really stable in my life that's mature, committed, I don't think you can fill that space, so I kind of have to close this down, since I still have feelings for you, so I can allow the person to come through that I want." That's the more conscious communication way that you can go about it. "Nothing to do with you, respect where you're at in your life, I just want something more and you can't give it to me. So please step out of the way so I can get what I want to come through." That's two.

Third, I mean if you're just going to actionable, don't respond. Maybe they're great, and they were really wonderful, but they're coming back to dangle you back in for the same thing that they did maybe multiple times by now, which is, "I want my cake and to eat it too." What you're starting to communicate is, "No. I'm only willing to accept my cake, and I deserve to have one that I can eat too." So who wants to be eating the cake here? I think you, not them. I don't care how you communicate it, but it has to be the energetic of, "Goodbye, I'm not holding space for you anymore, and I'm only open to receiving what I'm worth, which is the whole shebang."